Merchant Fleet

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Merchant Fleet

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Unlike our regular boxed sets, which are crammed with top-of-the-line warships, the intention for the Merchant Fleet is not to provide players with the ‘Fleet to end all Fleets’. Instead, it is designed to supply the models to fight out tense and exciting narrative scenarios. This could mean submarine wolf packs launching a daring raid against a convoy, a bold dash through enemy territory to bring supplies to isolated allies, a dangerous escape under heavy pursuit – the list is almost endless!

Taken as part of the non-Core Force, these vessels are perfect for all sorts of interesting and compelling scenarios. That’s not to say the vessels within don’t have any competitive use; any foe which underestimates their potential is in for a nasty surprise when the Q-Ships reveal their guns, but there are still best suited to dramatic scenario driven games rather than a straight up fight.

We will now take a look at each of the stunning models in this boxed set, and discuss the sorts of roles they could play in scenario games.

Sample models from the Merchant Fleet

Titan Transport

Based on an incredibly iconic hull shape, the Titan Transport is a particularly impressive example of a civilian liner repurposed for military use since the outbreak of the World War.

Within your Fleet, the Titan Transport can act as a support vessel, its expansive crew compartments filled with well trained marines. This allows the Titan to act as a gargantuan floating barracks, re-crewing other vessels in your Fleet who have lost Assault Points to enemy fire or boarding engagements.

The Titan is perfect for scenarios involving escorting dignitaries, delivering fresh infantry forces to the front line, or even, when combined with the Amphibious Landing box, a Dunkirk-style evacuation!

Merchantman/Merchant Defender

The modular or ‘hard-point’ approach to these vessels allows for several different combinations giving your squadron the potential for lots of diversity in appearance. Distinctively industrial, these ships capture the feel of working vessels in the Dystopian world.

These ships provide the opportunity for players to play convoy actions, one side defending vessels packed with valuable cargo, whilst the other attempts to waylay their progress. Expect ambushes through narrow straights and blockade runs to besieged ports.

Q-Ship Merchantman

The aforementioned modular approach allows you to replaces up to three hard points on your Merchantman model with a plethora of deadly turrets and torpedoes. These Q-Ships can remain hidden within the convoy until they open the housing around their weapons and open fire on the unsuspecting enemy.

Q-Ships can use the Reactive Fire Model Assigned Rule, allowing the vessels to make an immediate attack when targeted by an enemy squadron. These are always unforgettable cinematic moments in a scenario game – the enemy lining up their broadsides for a volley at an unprotected merchant ship, only to be caught unaware in a hail of shells as the camouflage cladding drops away from destructive turrets!

Repair Ship

Refitting or repairing their ships without need to return to a friendly port is an incredible boon to Admirals in the Dystopian world. These vessels can make the centre-piece for a tense narrative battle, such as a Fleet defending itself from ambush whilst key ships are undergoing vital repairs.

Alternatively they can simply fill a very useful role within your Fleet – where previously only the Federated States and Russian Coalition had access to vessels that could repair their ships mid-battle, now everyone can take advantage of this ability.

Oil Rig

Like any war, the struggle for vital resources always takes centre stage. Even with the power of Sturginium sea-borne mining facilities like these Oil Rigs are essential to every nation’s war effort.

Where the Merchantmen are perfect for scenarios where your objective pieces are on the move, the detailed, industrial Oil Rigs make great static objectives to assault, capture or defend. These platforms work equally well clustered as a main objective or scattered alongside fortifications and other points to capture in an expansive scenario.

Q-Oil Rig

Of course, given how vital they are, these Oil Rigs often fall prey to enemy raids by sea or air. So commanders applied the cunning ‘Q-Ship’ principle to these static platforms.

Just like the Q-Ship Merchantman, these ‘Q-Oil Rigs’ can drop aside the façade of machinery to reveal powerful turrets or deadly torpedo launchers. Whilst not a replacement for a nation’s fortified towers, the Q-Oil Rigs are nevertheless a nasty surprise for enemies trying to capture or destroy a group of Rigs.

Merchantman Carrier

Used to defend a convoy Fleet from enemy raids, these light Carriers can supply fighters to intercept enemy aircraft or bombers to launch strikes against attacking ships. Although vulnerable in battle, these craft are vital to the safety of a convoy, allowing it to maintain aerial support even when far from a friendly landing field.

These vessels also tailor to your nation, as they will bring your Fleet’s specific Tiny Flyers to the fight, complete with the specialities that characterise your air force.


A set crammed with potential for fun themed battles and interesting scenarios, the Merchant Fleet will give your games of Dystopian Wars even more variety, as well as a fresh set of tactical challenges to discover and overcome. Fitting naturally in with any of the world’s nations, the possibility for linked campaign play with gamers defending their supply lines is also opened up by this new Fleet.

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