Meet the North Star Models

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Meet the North Star Models

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The best way to let you know about the brand-new Operation: North Star models is to let Spartan Mike loose on their narrative for you. We’ve had him working on the model ideas with Spartan Josh for months now, so time to let him introduce them all to you – we literally couldn’t hold his excitement back any longer!

Scandinavian Teutonic Order (STO) Models


Brandenburg Class Invasion Transport

The thunderous advance of the Scandinavian Teutonic Order’s war machine, with its grinding ranks of war robots, requires herculean efforts in logistics to deliver their Elite fighting force to the numerous flashpoints erupting across the world. Previously, this detail was handled largely by massive land trains and mobile columns, and sometimes rapidly using specialised Sky Ships.

Yet as the Great Conflict burns brighter with the fires of war, the Prussian Empire has pressed the STO to develop a more reliable method of delivering their robotic dominance to warzones isolated across great oceans and for the continued development and fortification of numerous secret polar Forward Operating Strongpoints. After receiving the lion’s share of the Imperial Treasuries development finances, the engineers of the Order were able to deliver the perfect logistical solution: the Brandenburg Invasion Transport.

Built upon the recently minted Gustav Monitor hull, this rugged vessel supports the largest cargo deck of any dedicated military unit, crammed to the gunwales with unit upon unit of battle robots! Crews have nicknamed the vessel the ‘Ark’. Our model features moveable crates so you can stack them how you want!

The two Gustav hulls providing the necessary propulsion to move such a mass to war, allow the ship a startling turn of speed for its size thanks in part to the “doubled-up”, engine-linked Tesla Generator onboard. The Hulls provide not just mobility, but bring a host of potent ordinance to the vessel: Lethal Tesla-Torpedo Broadsides and powerful Fore and Aft Tesla Coil arrays. These systems offer a strong deterrent to enemies that would threaten its advance and can strike targets from any angle of approach.

Blistering the deck, copious Anti-Aircraft arrays ensure that any SAS runs or aggressive boarding efforts would be met with a hail of leaden defiance. Not to be left without a further illustration of fire-superiority, the deck was extended with enough framing to support a pair of cutting-edge Tesla Torpedo Turrets, capable of throwing a massive forward barrage of or adding to the ships already deadly broadsides respectively. Should this mighty weight of ordinance prove insufficient, at moments of greatest peril the Faust Robots on-deck can be activated to engage close enemies with concentrated support from their Tesla Strike!

Yet even more strategically significant than the Brandenburg’s arsenal or durability, is its ability to tow a Metzger Class War Robot! Using a pair of Magnetic-Couplers mounted at the ships aft, the vessel can swiftly tug one of these mighty butchers deep into battle. Then, with a quick release of the magnetic link, the war machine is immediately loosed to free-combat movement at a moment’s notice! Sowing destruction and chaos amongst the front lines or rapidly advancing into a landfall position.

With the support of a Brandenburg Invasion ship, no lands are safe from the wrath of the Teutonic Order, regardless of distance or isolation. A development that surely will mark a tipping point for the Great Conflict and the aspirations of the Imperial Bond!


Eider Mk III Battleship

Having rapidly risen to a position of prominence in the Prussian Navy following its early deployments, the Eider Class Hull was earmarked for re-tooling and re-fitting for more specialised combat roles. Naturally, the Scandinavian Teutonic Order, upon seeing the impressive battlefield performance, placed requisitions for design schematics and assets so they might re-purpose this modern Battleship to better suit their needs.

The Eider Mk III, under the guiding hand of expert and innovative STO engineers, poses a dire threat to the enemies of the Scandinavian Teutonic Order. The mighty warship is host to an array of new and terrible weaponry, recently unleashed from the secret munition laboratories of the STO. The clustered High Velocity Kinetic (HVK) Broadside arrays, unleash a blistering torrent of caseless ammunition. The torrent of fire from these specialised launchers shreds the hulls of their targets, piercing critical bulkheads like a sabre through flesh!

At the vessels fore, two powerful new cannon systems were fitted: Tesla Accelerator Guns. These advanced cannons bring the engineering genius of the STO’s Tesla technology to the front lines. Using a magnetic induction and coiling system, these guns harness the electrical energies of the Mk III’s on-board Tesla Generator to hurl a powerful shell at incredible velocity across the battlefield. The lethal charged dart can shatter the mightiest armour and blast clean through a vessel, practically liquefying the crew within!

The state-of-the-art and top-secret technologies on-board the Mk III Eider, are jealously protected. An aft-mounted Shield Generator, coupled with the Eider’s already rugged design, ensures that most hostile actions are met with disappointment. Should enemies fall into the folly of believing this advanced vessel be vulnerable to assault engagement, they would be met with even further woe. The Mk III hosts a cadre of elite Inner Circle Knights, some of the deadliest combatants of the Dystopian world!

The Scandinavian Teutonic Order have long-waited to extend their military dominance in the oceans of conflict and a commander at helm of the new Mk III Eider will bring victory and glory in the name of the Emperor!


Blitzdrache Class Tesla Gunship

The Orders proven mastery of Tesla technology saw their demand for a suitable warship to carry the newly developed Tesla Torpedoes aggressively into the eye of conflict. Requisitioning a clutch of Hussar Gunships from the Prussian High Command, the STO was able to re-fit the older vessels with a powerful array of Tesla weaponry.

The traditional Broadside cannons have been replaced with a close ranged Tesla battery, offering a durable and lethal close ranged defensive strike. Replacing classical Prussian gunnery, Dr. Machtstein’s recently developed Tesla Torpedoes, having proven an incredible boost to nautical superiority, especially when fitted into two massive deck-launching turrets, delivering a charged payload across the battlefield against both submarine and warship targets with deft ease.

The internal Tesla-generator built into the hull ensures that the Gunship brings its power swiftly to the frontlines, were it can make short work of sea-bound enemies with its thunderous payload, or deliver an elite and nigh-unstoppable marine assault!


Brudern Class Tesla Frigate

Brudern Class Tesla Frigate

The new STO Naval Armada would require suitable support from a host of smaller vessels to offset the comparatively costly capital assets.

Designed from the hull of venerable Arminus Frigate, the Brudern takes the manoeuvrability and speed of this reliable ship and packs it with an elite team of brother-knights-in-arms. Their sustained assault easily bringing down the crews of any ship that would dare risk closing with an STO capital ship.

The tried-and-tested Tesla Weaponry of the aged Frigate saw a marked upgrade, being replaced with an updated model and set into Fore and Aft turrets, these brutal weapons trade a degree of range for; improved fields of overlapping fire allowing these small vessels to unleash combined barraged that are the envy of Prussian Admirals! The shorter barrel of these new turrets allows for an increased angle of fire, allowing for the Brudern to support its fleet by easily targeting threats from the air. With squads of these freshly launched Frigates at the fore of battle, there is no enemy out of reach of the STO!


Sieger Class Heavy Frigate

The military of the Scandinavian Teutonic Order boasts some of the most capable boarding specialists in the whole of the Prussian Empire. These martial paragons are the elite of the elite, and offer a swift demise to any warrior foolish enough to stand eye to eye with them in combat.

Delivering these warrior-knights towards ultimate victory is the Sieger Heavy Frigate. A thick and rugged vessel, built to withstand payloads that would shatter lesser ships of its class, the powerful engines speed It deep into enemy lines with haste belying its size.

Flanking the sides of the Sieger, the engineers of the STO have built a formidable package of HVK broadsides. Though less potent than those found on-board larger vessels, the piercing payload, working in concert with its squad mates, unleashes a massive steam of firepower. This ensures that when the Sieger streaks in for its assault run, that any enemies in the vicinity of their target are left crippled and unable to send effective aid!

Though few in number, these cutting-edge Heavy Frigates are a serious threat to the enemies of the fatherland, with both gun and sword!


Sibrand Class MK II Metzger

The recent upgrades to the Metzger Ausf-B War Robot not only massively increased its durability and firepower, but allowed the chassis itself a greater ability to accept modification and further enhancement. The scientists of the STO were naturally the first to take advantage of this…

If the Ausf-B was feared for its ability to shatter Battleships like glass, the new Sibrand Class will turn even mighty Dreadnoughts into worthless scrap! Named after the spiritual founder of the Teutonic Order, the Sibrand Class Metzger brings absolute devastation to the enemies of the STO.

Holding aloft a mighty Cavalry War Hammer, crackling with Tesla energies, a single blow from this archaic tool of death obliterates its target with unnerving accuracy.

The recent development of Tesla Accelerator Guns within the STO, saw cause to include the largest caliber yet seen on-board the Sibrand. Unbelievably powerful, and able to annihilate the heaviest of armour with charged Tesla bolts at considerable range. This potent cannon can cripple enemy ships, turning them into easy pickings for a supporting STO boarding assault or wave of Tesla torpedoes. Or, if you feel so inclined, why not simply finish the target off with a crushing hammer-blow!

A Prussian Empire or STO fleet supported by the almost mythological Sibrand Class Metzger War Robot, provides a nigh unstoppable force of conquest for the Prussian Empire. Heralding only doom for its enemies and glorious conquest for its commodore! Our model comes with a choice of ground and naval bases and its joints allow for the model to be posed.


Operation: North Star

Dominion of Canada (DoC) Models


Saint Jean Class Assault Carrier

Operating with limited Airship assets, the Dominion of Canada’s Defence Forces require utmost durability and reliability in delivering their precious SAS elements into battle. The Saint Jean Class Assault Carrier is a paragon of this concept, constituting one of the sturdiest ships in their fledgling armada. Its long hull, built from a de-commissioned KoB Battleship, has been augmented with copious layers of ablative plating, bolstering the already solid structure with armour far thicker than those found in use by her enemies. An integrated Shield Generator pushes the Saint Jean’s durability to astonishing levels, casting aside heavy attacks to deliver Attack Wing support deep into enemy lines.

To ensure that retaliation from foes is met with failure, the flanks of this hulking beast bristles with massive banks of Volley Gun Broadsides. These massed rows of guns offer an improved rate of fire to those found employed by the Federated States, and can deliver a heavy payload of reliable firepower at even greater range from their layered, double-stacked positioning.

As its primary weapon the Saint Jean sports a powerful Heavy Assault Cannon at its Fore, protected under the massive expanse of its flight deck. This devilish cluster of rapid-firing pepperboxes fires a large payload of lower-calibre rounds, at medium range and with a nauseating rapidity. Any enemy unfortunate enough to be caught in the veritable stream of shells, is torn into worthless shreds of scrap in the blink of an eye!

With powerful weapons built into its solid frame and supported with a large complement of assault marines, the Saint Jean Assault Carrier is the flagship of choice for many a DoC Commodore!


Newfoundland Battleship

The lineage of the Dominion of Canada’s Navy stems directly from the Kingdom of Britannia’s maritime progress. As her Majesty’s fleets were upgraded with newer designs, a surplus of retired vessels left the battlefields of the world and found their way into the breakers yard. Dominion of Canada War Ministers, seeing opportunity in these hulls, made a formal request to the Royal Navy for the rights to buy them.

One of the most significant portions of this acquisition, was a large number of Ruler Battleship hulls. This venerable war-machine was a veteran of innumerable campaigns. Its multiple weapon bays and drop-in hard points was seen by the engineers of the Dominion as the perfect platform upon which to innovate. The Newfoundland Battleship is the result of these endeavours. A solid ship of the line, upgraded with a durable layer of ablative plating encasing the length of its hull, and the addition of a shield generator in its midsection gives this brawler even greater resilience.

A decision was made to remove Torpedo tubes from the hull in favour of bolstering the Broadside capability.  Taking design cues from the mighty Albion Class Demi-Dreadnought, an array of Canadian built Volley Gun turrets was crammed into the Battleships flanks, in a stacked layer position.

The remaining drop points can host a variety of weapon systems such as double barreled primary turrets or heavy flame throwers for close ranged engagements.


Amherst Class Light Cruiser

Since gaining a stronger degree of independent autonomy during the early stages of the World War, the Dominion of Canada has been rapidly increasing its self-reliance on the field of battle. Developing their own warships to better defend their massive coastlines has become a priority for the nation, as they are increasingly beset at all sides from enemies which view them as a weak-link in the Grand Coalition that might be easily shattered.

The Amherst Light Cruiser represents one of the DoC’s earliest efforts at building up their Navy. Simple, effective and cheap to manufacture. These ships are constructed using venerable designs and a re-tooled surplus British Cruisers… all generously sold to the Dominion at a highly competitive rate!

Mounting a tried and true Primary Turret at its Fore and a layered in ablative armour, this utilitarian cruiser gets the job done without the frills and pomp found dressing the ships of the Great Nations. The prow of the ship sports a classic Fore Torpedo tube array, yet unlike the advanced designs found in the Kingdom of Britannia, these torpedoes feature a more aggressive close-range timer and pack a lethal shrapnel payload. This aims to even the playing-field when in the event that the battle turns into a boarding frenzy, when the Citizen-Soldier Crews swarm enemy decks in an effort to bring them down!

As generator technology is still an expensive prospect for the Canadians, careful consideration must be used when fielding these advanced devices in battle. To that end, squadrons of Amherst Light Cruisers will sometimes have a single member outfit as a Squadron Leader. The ship acts as a command vessel, and is upgraded with an improved team of veteran marines, replaces its Primary Turret with a powerful Torpedo Turret and a mid-ranged Target Painter generator. Through careful use of its Target Painter the Squadron Leader can allow its unit to deliver devastating attacks!

Though simple, the Amherst Light Cruiser is numerous and capable. Easily able to overcome the enemies of the Dominion with weight of numbers and raw determination!


Chambly Class Gun Barge

The raging Sturginium-fuelled conflict sweeping the globe has pushed the development of new and horrible technology and tools of destruction. While many nations boast a near endless supply of resources and finances to develop these militant industries, some, like the Dominion of Canada, are forced to rely on resourcefulness in order to keep pace. Ageing shipping barges, once used to transport heavy loads of mineral wealth along rivers across Canada, were hastily requisitioned for Naval use when the full scope of the World War was illuminated to the Dominion.

The already thick hulls of these pugnacious and bloated vessels were bolstered with thick ablative plating, their civilian purpose cast aside for a new life on the field of battle. The once heavily laden hold, was re-structured with massive crew compartments, supporting a large host of Citizen-Soldiers and the engineers necessary to maintain the ships new purpose: a heavy cannon-bearing hunter!

Along the length of its deck, a Magnum-Cannon, a massively upscaled version of that found on the tried and tested Huntsman Tank Destroyer, fires round after round of Heavy armour piercing-shells. These colossal shells punch through the thickest hulls with contemptuous ease and the raw power of their impact blasts both crews and critical systems into smithereens. The high crew complement needed to maintain and operate this cannon give the ship a powerful degree of defence against enemy assault, and the Heavy Volley Gun Array set into the Chambly’s aft provides a strong, circling fire support against enemy fliers and attack craft.

A pair of Chambly Gun-Barges offer a Dominion Commodore a powerful degree of long ranged fire support and will give offer an enemy commander great difficulty in their efforts to advance on the Canadian Navy!


York Class Heavy Destroyer

 Facing off against enemies with superior modern warships, has seen the Dominion of Canada focus on strong and reliable innovations to turn the tide of battle with deadly new weaponry. One of the first of these creations was the rapid firing Assault Cannon. This box-shaped autocannon array produces a near constant stream of rounds. The weight of fire from just a single Assault Cannon can critically damage even the sturdiest of vessels.

The first ship to bring this grim weapon to the waters of conflict is the York Heavy Destroyer. Named for the powerful colonial York Redoubt guarding the entrance to Halifax Harbour in Nova Scotia, this Destroyer Squadron truly epitomises the concept of artillery deterrent.

Thick with ablative armour side-plating and modelled after classic British Frigates, these solid ships bring a steady threat to enemies large and small and when operating in full squads, can combine their efforts to obliterate even the hardiest of enemies. Should the crushing weight of fire not fell their quarry, the York will unleash a staunch team of assault marines, to bring a melee close to almost any engagement. The York Heavy Destroyer Squadron offers strong and capable backbone to a Dominion armada!


Erie Class Torpedo Corvette

The vast domain of Canada is a land rich in natural resources and strategic territorial positions. The massive expanses of the Dominions coastlines offer unparalleled access to these assets for trade and supply routes to the Grand Coalition, but also constitutes a glaring threat of invasion. Patrolling and safeguarding this vast expanse is a constant endeavor and the Dominion Navy has crafted the perfect vessel for such a task: The Erie Torpedo Corvette.

Sleek and elusive, these lightning fast ships dauntlessly patrol off the shores of the Dominion, constantly scouting for lurking threats. The sheer volume of Erie Squadrons in service, require a massive amount of crew to operate and as such, are manned by large teams of Citizen Conscripts. These patriots proudly serve in their duties, ever vigilant and fully capable of delivering an assault when called to battle.

The Erie, operating primarily as a coastal patrol and support ship, is outfit with a fore-mounted Torpedo Launcher. Packed with lethal, shrapnel blasting warheads, these torpedoes aid in the corvettes efforts at hamstringing an enemy’s ability to launch a decisive martial offense and following a successful barrage, allow for a mighty boarding counter charge with a crushing weight of superior numbers.

Deceptively simple, the Erie Torpedo Corvette is a potent and effective ship that constitutes a vital lynchpin of the Dominion of Canada’s Naval Strategy!


Quebec Armada Class Support Flyer

Covering the massive and diverse expanse of the Canadian wilderness with effective military support and supply, proved to be a challenging task for the young nation at the dawn of their autonomy. The Great Conflict had diverted the focus and assets of their Royal overlords to numerous, pressing fronts in other corners of the globe. This would see the Dominion spring to the rapid development of a vessel which could provide not only logistical support to their defence forces, but a formidable command-point from which their Commodores could lead their forces into battle.

The Quebec Armada Support Flyer is a massive and ominous Sky ship. Built upon the frame of an antiquated series of Cargo-Zeppelin and bolstered for speed and lift with surplus British War-Rotors turbines, this rugged airship is built to survive not only the elements in any theatre, but attacks from even the heaviest of AA-fire. The thick ablative plating encasing the ship, when coupled with the in-built Shield Generator, make a mockery of directed ordnance, thus ensuring the Quebec’s precious cargo arrives to the frontlines unharmed.

Using a series of magnetic clamps positioned under the main hull and along its flanks, the Quebec can carry a variety of specialised Squadrons deep into the heart of battle, to lend aid at a moment’s notice, and quickly turn the tides on the DoC’s foe!

A large Squadron of Otter Mini Submarines can be loaded for use in naval engagements. Formally FSA Turtle Attack Craft, these diminutive assault submarines have been lightly modified and are crewed with furious Citizen Militia. Once released into water, they provide a Dominion commander an impressive capacity to launch a decisive and overwhelming boarding assault on a key enemy capital vessel.

Alternatively, a contingent of Yukon Mk Robots can be clamped-in for battlefield deployment. These hardy robots were another purchase from their Southern FSA neighbours; an early version of the Defiance Robot. Resolve and ingenuity saw these lighter-framed robots bolstered with a new superior fuel source and weaponry.

Despite the support nature of the Quebec, the hulking Sky ship doesn’t travel to the front lines without the means for destruction! Mounted to the port and starboard are a duo of powerful Magnum Cannons. These hard-hitting, guns saw early success when developed for use on the Chambly Gun Barge and it was demanded by the Dominion Sky Marshall that the Quebec be fitted with the most modern version of this savage weapon. In defence against enemy fliers, and to aid in clearing a drop zone for its cargo, a pair of Heavy Volley Gun Arrays were set into its lower decks, capable of swatting away any threats circling the great carrier.

With a Quebec Armada Support Flyer at its helm, a DoC force is more than a match for any foe they face, no matter how mighty or “Great” they may be!