Leandros the Unyielding

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Leandros the Unyielding

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Since the sunken islands of Sancerac first surged back into the mysterious waters of the shifting shores, the Battle Fleet of Leandros the Unyielding has been a plague across the Uncharted Seas. Ever growing in infamy, the sight of their pitch-black hulls on the horizon is terror enough to put all but the boldest captains to flight.

The NEW Bone Griffons Battle Fleet

Although the ancient vessels of his Fleet clearly display the ravages of time, they are as fearsome in battle as they ever were, if not more so now that arcane power laces their hulls. The simplicity of these aged galleys allows easy refitting each time they return to port – switching sails and ballista for deck-shattering trebuchets. This way, Leandros can ensure that his fleet can exact the revenge of the Griffons on any enemy, while they never know what to expect.

Leandros leads his Battle Fleet from the helm of the Battleship Cruel Vengeance. Whether hauled in close to the enemy by decaying Orcus, where volleys from potent broadsides can splinter even the mightiest flagship to driftwood, or held back to pound the onrushing foe with crushing trebuchets, this vast construct wreaks terrible devastation. Regardless, the Vengeance’s colossal ‘Plague Gun’ remains poised to cull the crew of any vessel which strays too close to the ancient galley. The vile weapon’s shot, coated in fast acting toxins, reap a swift harvest through the enemy’s crew.

In support of the Vengeance is a full Squadron of Cruisers, outfitted either with smaller trebuchet’s to match the Battleship’s relentless bombardment, or ragged sails to propel them alongside the larger, Orcus-drawn vessel. Able to compliment its strengths or balance its weaknesses, the Cruisers have proven the perfect supplement to the Battleship’s might over countless raids.

Once fusillades from ballista and trebuchet have crippled Leandros’ chosen enemies, the Cruisers’ vicious, metal clad rams slam home, tearing great rents in their hulls. If the vessel still floats, tireless Griffon Warriors leap aboard to butcher the stunned remnants with merciless savagery.

However, even the undying Bone Griffons can be incapacitated in these brutal boarding actions, and Leandros’ fearsome Battle Fleet would soon lose its potency without warriors to man his ships. The presence of a brace of Reanimator Class Troop Transports, lead by the venerable Arch-Priest Hectos, ensures that any Griffons who fall can swiftly be dragged back to un-life.

Fuelled by dark magics, the Fleet knows neither fear nor death as it stalks the shores of southern Principia – exacting the retribution of a drowned kingdom on their unforgiven foes.

This Battle Fleet is a full force of just under 700 points – ready to lay waste any enemy on the tabletop. This Fleet contains:

1 x Reaper/Plague Class Battleship
2 x Reanimator Class Troop Transports
4 x Banshee/Sea Wraith Class Cruisers
3 x Phantom Class Destroyers
4 x Orcus Class Frigates

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