Know Your Tactics

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Know Your Tactics

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Now available for download are a selection of tactical articles, each detailing how to make the most out of our recently released models for Dystopian Wars.

Feel the wrath of the devastating Covenant of Antarctica Fresnel Class Support Cruisers

These describe the strengths and potential weaknesses of each model, along with the role they are best suited to, and how they can compliment your existing force. They also give a guide on how to make successful use of the model’s special abilities and unusual weapons.

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Covenant of Antarctica Aronax Class Submarine Tactics [PDF, 1.5MB]
Covenant of Antarctica Fresnel Class Support Cruiser Tactics [PDF, 1.2MB]
Empire of the Blazing Sun Bansan Class Small Walker Tactics [PDF, 1.7MB]
Federated States of America Tennessee Class Land Ship Tactics [PDF, 1.7MB]
Kingdom of Britannia Lysander Class Land Ship Tactics [PDF, 1.7MB]
Prussian Empire Speerwurf Class Light Zeppelin Tactics [PDF, 1.6MB]
Russian Coalition Pesets Class Attack Submarine Tactics [PDF, 1.2MB]