January Release Painting Tips

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January Release Painting Tips

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We commonly get asked the question “what colours do you use on your models?”. So we thought we would provide you with a quick tour as to how you can quickly and easily add paint to our models. We’ve used models from the next Dystopian Wars core nation upgrades which will be hitting stores on Wednesday 23rd January 2013, and will also give you a few general hints and tips for painting all of your models.

Dystopian Wars January Releases

Dystopian Wars January Releases

Find a comfortable chair
This may seem a trivial thing, but sitting in a position for an extended period of time can put strain on your joints. Our own painters use wheelie chairs with armrests as they offer good back support and give you somewhere to rest your elbows for a stable painting platform.

Good Lighting
A very important part of all painting. We would recommend a couple of mini strip lights or angled lamps with daylight bulbs is the perfect set up as this eliminates shadows being cast across the models as you work. If you only have one this is fine, but remember to set it up on the opposite side to the hand you paint with.

Work Area
Set yourself up with a dedicated work area. Keep it clean, tidy and organised with a clean palette, ensure all the paints are arranged in an easy-to-identify way and make space for a pot of clean water to clean brushes. Remember that water should be kept well away from the all important cup of tea!

IMPORTANT NOTE: No plan survives the first few minutes of battle and most of us end up working in an environment of vaguely organised chaos!

Always make sure you get hold of the best brushes you can afford, and ensure you clean them regularly and well for a longer lifespan. We recommend getting yourself a set of good Kolinski Sable brushes. For fine work use size 0 or 00, use size 2 or 3 for blocking-in colours, and use an even larger brush dry brushing.

We generally use Vallejo colours. Any of their ranges are good as they have strong pigments, they mix well and thin down nicely. They also have dropper tops to make putting a small amount onto the palette a lot easier than when pouring from regular pots. We always thin the paints a little before applying them to the models, either with water, or even better, acrylic thinner. This reduces the possibility of brush marks and gives a smoother end result.

General Modelling Tools
You should pick up a good, sharp craft knife, some hobby files and some very fine sanding paper for cleaning the small amounts of flash that occasionally result from the casting process. You will also need a bottle of liquid cyanoacrylate glue (more commonly known as superglue) and a roll of plain white household paper roll for drying brushes, wiping off excess paint from dry brushing and cleaning up those occasional spills and accidents!

The Dystopian Wars January Releases

The Dystopian Wars January Releases

The first document below has some tips and hints for painting Dystopian Wars models:

Click here to read the Dystopian Wars Painting Tips and Hints [PDF, 900KB]

The following documents are your painting reference sheets. Each one includes a photo of the fully-painted model as well as detailing what colours were used for each part of the model:

Covenant of Antarctica Aronax Class Submarine Painting Reference [PDF, 1MB]
Covenant of Antarctica Fresnel Class Support Cruiser Painting Reference [PDF, 750KB]
Empire of the Blazing Sun Bansan Class Small Walker Painting Reference [PDF, 1MB]
Federated States of America Tennessee Class Land Ship Painting Reference [PDF, 1MB]
Kingdom of Britannia Lysander Class Land Ship Painting Reference [PDF, 1MB]
Prussian Empire Speerwurf Class Light Zeppelin Painting Reference [PDF, 1MB]
Russian Coalition Pesets Class Attack Submarine Painting Reference [PDF, 750KB]

Spartan Games wishes to thank Richard Bradley for his work in helping us create these documents.

These models will be shipping from 30th January 2013 in the Spartan Games Online Store. Place your advance orders now to ensure you do not miss out on these exciting new releases.

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