January 2014 Release

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January 2014 Release

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We kick off 2014 with a bang as fans of Firestorm Armada will be able to pick up both Carrier and Cruiser Groups to add to their ever-growing fleets.

There’s also great news for Dystopian Wars players as the popular “Black Wolf” Captain Vladimir Nikonov acquires a complete Naval Battle Group!

This release will be shipping from 29th January 2014. Place your pre-orders today with the Spartan Games Online Store to ensure you do not miss out on these exciting new releases.

Following the release of the all-new Patrol Fleets each of the six major races now gets a Carrier Group and a Cruiser Group, with all Cruisers now in 100% resin.

Carriers act as mobile bases for the swarms of small, Short Range Spacecraft that are essential to the security of your fleet and larger strike craft that can cripple the biggest targets when they hit home. Large and powerful ships in their own right, and sending out wave after wave of strike craft, Carriers are more than a match for anything the enemy has to offer.

Cruiser squadrons form the core strength of most fleets. Whilst not as powerful as Heavy Cruisers, they provide a good balance of durability and firepower at a low cost – ideal ships to hold the line, or provide weight to an assault spearheaded by elite vessels.

If you’d prefer to field Heavy Cruisers the Cruiser Group allows you to do exactly that. Each Cruiser Group contains enough components to make a full squadron of Cruisers or Heavy Cruisers. Heavy Cruisers are perhaps the most effective medium-weight ships you can deploy, mounting near-battleship levels of firepower and protection into a much smaller hull.

Add more to your games of Firestorm Armada, and pre-order these new sets from our Online Store today:

Dindrenzi Federation Carrier Group
Dindrenzi Federation Cruiser Group
Terran Alliance Carrier Group
Terran Alliance Cruiser Group
Aquan Prime Carrier Group
Aquan Prime Cruiser Group
Sorylian Collective Carrier Group
Sorylian Collective Cruiser Group
The Directorate Carrier Group
The Directorate Cruiser Group
The Relthoza Carrier Group
The Relthoza Cruiser Group

The Black Wolf Rises!

Led by the ruthless “Black Wolf” Captain Vladimir Nikonov, this mercenary fleet strikes fear into the heart’s of Admirals the world over. Selling his services to the highest bidder the Black Wolf is a hunter without equal.

The devastating gunnery of the Nemesis Class Battle Cruisers and the manoeuvrable firepower of the Fury Class Corvettes softens the enemy, weakening their defences and leaving them disorientated and reeling. Then the Reaper Class Attack Drone-Subs deployed by Manticore Class Support Skimmers close in for the kill, in support of the Death Bringer itself. Together, these submarines blast asunder the remaining enemy ships as they attempt to flee from the awesome might of the Black Wolf Battle Group.