Ithen Edros

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Ithen Edros

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Instilling fear along the northern shores of Mysonnia and across the Straights of Cerac, the Battle Fleet of Ithen Edros has taught the denizens of the Uncharted Seas a lesson long learned in the Old World: that the Elves of Thaniras are a merciless and deadly foe.

NEW Thaniras Elves Battle Fleet

The Lords of the Selethian clan instructed the vicious Ithen Edros and her Fleet to conduct raids on the twisted Shroud Mages that inhabit the the islands of Mysonnia, capturing any Dwarven Priests they came across. With raiding parties comprised of elite Elven warriors aboard ships unmatched in speed and firepower, cornering and subduing such prey aboard their ponderous steamships has proven a simple task.

Propelled by a combination of sweeping sails and magical ‘ripple’ orbs, Edros’ vessel, the Phoenix Class Battleship ‘Shard’, cuts gracefully through the water, at a speeds rivalling the Cruisers of lesser races. Like many Phoenix Captains, Edros uses this speed to disorient her prey and lock them in a defensive position. The Shard, amidst a Squadron of swift yet hardy Griffon Heavy Cruisers, will repeatedly slice across the bows of the enemy fleet, spitting arcane lance batteries into their teeth.

Meanwhile, the Fleet’s lighter Viper Cruisers and Crow Destroyers sweep around the victim’s flanks, isolating and executing any vessels attempting to break out and threaten the Elves’ elegant ships. The telling firepower of the Vipers is more than sufficient for each vessel to sink a Frigate in a single volley, while expert archers single out and eliminate the crew from larger vessels with unerring accuracy. Even monstrous flying creatures or great airships will be unable to escape the circling Elves, as these sharpshooters slaughter aeronauts and butcher dragons with equal ease.

Once their quarry is reeling from these inescapable attacks, the Shard and her Griffon escorts plunge into the enemy formation; blasting their targets to splinters with energy bolts and crippling others so they cannot flee. The bladed prows of the Battle Fleet’s Raven Destroyers will pierce these foundering ships, and their compliment of Elven warriors will descend upon their hapless crews: seeking out the prized enemy sorcerers and swiftly butchering any who get in their way.

Edros and her Battle Fleet have reaped a bountiful crop from the waters of the Uncharted Seas, and the Sorcerers of the Selethian Subiran have learned much arcane lore from interrogating what they send back.

This Battle Fleet is a full force of just under 700 points – ready to cut down anything that stands between them and their prey. This Fleet contains:

1 x Phoenix Class Battleship
3 x Griffon Class Heavy Cruisers
3 x Viper Class Cruisers
3 x Crow Class Destroyers
3 x Raven Class Destroyers

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