Ironclads: Closer Look

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Ironclads: Closer Look

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We have been enjoying some exciting games of Dystopian Legions in the office over the last few weeks, fuelled by the arrival of the new Ironclads which really pack a punch and have been making for some intense stand offs on our gaming tables!

It is only when you see these impressive mechanical behemoths in action that you appreciate their true size and capacity for violence.

Empire of the Blazing Sun Ke-Ho

The Ke-Ho is a great addition to any Empire of the Blazing Sun force. If you favour an aggressive playing style then its 4 Hull Points, higher than average Rotation Value and transport capacity of six troops makes it a great choice to spearhead an assault of your battle force into the heart of the enemy lines.

Empire of the Blazing Sun Ke-Ho Ironclad

If your style of play focuses more on combined arms tactics and all out assault then the Ke-Ho makes the perfect ‘anchor’ for your force.

Firing 4 Red Ironclad Attack Dice against armoured targets it is more than capable of ripping vehicles to shreds, stopping even the hardiest of enemy Ironclads dead in their tracks. This, combined with its ability to mix and match its weapons, both laying down smoke from its Rocket Launchers and providing covering fire with its Type 19 Heavy Machine Gun, makes a Ke-Ho a truly terrifying foe.

The Ke-Ho Ironclad is the perfect ‘anchor’ for your force

And don’t forget that you really can mix it up with these tanks – you can have two smoke launchers, one each side, or just add one and put a flamethrower or machine gun on the other. Oh, and we shouldn’t forget the rather nasty, large fore firing gun on the front which also happens to be rather effective against infantry.

Whatever the objectives facing your forces the Ke-Ho will play a major role in achieving them.

Kingdom of Britannia Terrier

The Terrier Ironclad is a true heavyweight of the Britannian land forces. With its colossal 122-pdr main gun and a brace of 2-pdr anti-tank guns, it is more than capable of dealing with anything the enemy can throw (or drive!) at it.

Kingdom of Britannia Terrier Ironclad

The long range capabilities of its main gun’s 5 Blue Ironclad Attack Dice and the Armour Piercing (1) WAR make it the ideal candidate for taking out enemy Ironclads and APC’s. This, combined with its 12 Red Infantry Attack Dice, make it an ideal choice to stall an enemy assault before they get close enough to pose a serious threat.

Enemy forces that do manage to find some safety behind walls or barricades will get no respite as the Terrier makes use of its “Demolition Shells” game card to obliterate the cover and flush them out into the weapons fire of any supporting Britannian Infantry.

Clash of the titans

If the enemy before you is a predominantly armoured force the Terrier will still stand its ground. With its Shield Generator and its Field Repairs game card allowing it to shrug off all but the heaviest of hits, this is one tough nut to crack.

The Terrier Ironclad is the perfect battlefield brute with which any Britannian force can intimidate its foe.