In The Name Of Profit!

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In The Name Of Profit!

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Today, a Patrol Fleet from the sinister corporate forces of the Directorate arrives on our blog page, primed to ‘pacify’ any resistance.

With an Eliminator Class Battleship, three Abraxas Class Cruisers and four Liquidator Class Frigates, the force shown here is typical of the Directorate’s Security Fleets, with even the option to upgrade one Cruiser to a Subjugator Class Heavy Cruiser. Sleek, lethal and merciless, these elite fleets of technologically advanced warships are ready to pillage their way across the Storm Zone – all in the name of profit!

(from largest to smallest) Eliminator Class Battleship, Abraxas Class Cruisers and Liquidator Class Frigates

Containing within its fold several of the wealthiest and most infamous arms and ship manufacturers in the sector, the military forces of the Directorate can always rely on having cutting edge vessels at their disposal. Although they supply weapons of war to many of the other galactic races – allies and enemies alike – they always keep the best designs to themselves.

With their attitudes to war differing little from their attitudes to business, Admirals of the Security Fleets need to be ruthless and efficient – unnecessary expenditure of resources is not tolerated in their cutthroat view.

(from largest to smallest) Eliminator Class Battleship, Abraxas Class Cruisers and Liquidator Class Frigates

However, with vessels that perfectly balance speed, armour and firepower, these Admirals are well equipped to fulfil their ambitious targets. Reinforced plating protects the fore of these vessels as they approach their prey, while extensive banks of turret mounted plasma weapons allow them to project searing fire in any direction.

The high flexibility of their weapons systems is one of their greatest strengths, allowing them to focus their brutal firepower wherever it is needed most while they concentrate their speed on evading the enemy’s attacks.

In concert with the raw destructive power of their weapons, many ships follow up with deadly, experimental bio-toxins, either built in to the turret systems or in salvos of drone guided torpedoes. These chemical or nano-tech agents cut swathes through the target’s crew, leaving the ships unable to operate effectively, and ripe for capture by elite, gene-altered boarding marines and assault robots.

Eliminator Class Battleship

The Eliminator Class Battleship is a powerful fighting engine – supplementing the signature Security Fleet plasma turrets with a fixed array of advanced projectile weaponry. This grants the Battleship formidable firepower as it closes in on its prey, whilst retaining vital flexibility once the vessel is lodged amongst the enemy. Upgradable with many different technologies perfected by Directorate research, the Eliminator can be a swift assault craft packed with cybernetically augmented boarding troops, a heavily armed carrier or a tough, agile weapons platform.

Abraxas Class Cruiser

Efficient firepower is the hallmark of the Abraxas Cruisers. With a 360 degree arc of fire they will always be able to bring their full might to bear on their chosen target, even as they weave through the midst of an enemy force. They are particularly adept at circling their prey to attack in vulnerable rear quarters, where ill-armoured engine sections make prime targets!

Liquidator Class Frigates

Swift and aggressive, the Liquidator Frigates round out the fleet, providing solid fire support to the Patrol Fleet’s larger elements. Fast enough to strike from a flank, or tough enough to form up with the Eliminator’s spearhead, these vessels are an indispensible asset in a Directorate Fleet.

Subjugator Class Heavy Cruiser

A dedicated close range assault ship, the Subjugator Class Heavy Cruiser shown above trades the Cruiser’s foremost turrets for extra armour and an expanded barracks. A larger reactor core powers a high tech cloaking field that masks the ship’s approach until it can dive amongst the enemy, plasma gun racks blazing and assault pods primed for launch.

Bomber token (left) and Interceptor token (right)

Across the galaxy, the smooth, arrowhead hulls of Directorate vessels spread terror and discord. With unmatched cyberwarfare technology complimenting their advanced ship design and cold-blooded tactics, the Directorate will stop at nothing to achieve their sinister ends.