House To House

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House To House

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We have been enjoying some great games of Dystopian Legions recently, with our tabletop counterparts leading their forces in acts of cinematic combat… and getting killed in fairly spectacular ways at the same time!

We have put together four superb Mega Bundles so that you can very quickly dive straight into the action. Each Mega Bundle is themed around a force of deadly troops and their commanding Officer. Here’s a little background to help you to expand your own games or to use as inspiration for creating your own storylines.

Able Company of the 25th Federal Infantry Battalion, known as the “Ironsides”, was as well trained as a group of Soldiers could be. With many months extensive training in a variety of climates and types of combat, followed by periods of intense combat on the front line they were as a honed blade, sharp and with a dedicated sense of purpose. Lieutenant Leroy was proud to be their Commander.

They used the ‘Fire and Manoeuvre’ skills learnt at Fort Campbell, and then proven in the heat of battle, to move as one unforgiving Section. Each man had the backs of his Section mates, moving slowly and smoothly, covering the windows both high and low and taking out any targets that were foolish enough to present themselves before the firepower of their Winchester Repeating Carbines and the Section Specialists Orlington Light Machine Gun.

Federated States of America Mega Bundle

Federated States of America Mega Bundle

Accompanying the Federal Infantry was Forward Observer Falconer. Ever the professional soldier, his skills and resources would be invaluable when fighting in this built up area, calling in targeted strikes against problem buildings with stubborn defenders.

The advancing troops were being covered by the Fire Support section as they moved deeper into the Town. The .50 Cal Gatling Gun’s heavy rounds were tearing through brickwork, light armour and Blazing Sun troops with ease. Just the sound of the gun being fired was enough to make even the bravest of enemies fearful.

It was just that damn building up ahead that was causing him problems. Hunkered down behind the wall Lieutenant Leroy could make out the heavy defences of the fortified building. He knew that it must be the Blazing Sun Field Headquarters. Looking at the barbed wire, sandbags and troops hurrying into defensive positions, it was clear that they weren’t going to give this place up without a fight.

Leroy almost felt sorry for the defenders as he signalled the Armoured Infantry to mount their assault. These boys sure knew how to get the job done. Clad in thick plated armour and armed with Assault Carbines and M3 Rocket Launchers, the Armoured Infantry were the ace up Lieutenant Leroy’s sleeve. Mounted in their Patriot APC “Steel Alpha” Sergeant Stone the troops of Section Reaper would roll right over those defences and cut the Blazing Sun down with practiced ease.

As Squad Reaper poured out of “Steel Alpha”, Carbines blazing, the Ashigaru fled, their Officers desperately shouting at them to hold firm and die with honour, but to no avail. As they moved out of the western side of the fortified complex they were met by withering firepower from the twin machine guns of Corporal Kinnear’s Treadbike Cavalry. Leroy had sent them around the outskirts of the village on a flanking manoeuvre to cut off the enemy’s line of retreat – a task they had performed with the impeccable timing and bravado that Leroy has come to expect from the Cavalry.

The last of the Blazing Sun were mopped up and the fortified building was cleared. They had done it, the town was theirs. Lieutenant Leroy was proud of each and every man under his command: they were the embodiment of the fighting prowess of the Federal Army and had proven once again that they were worthy of the name “Ironsides”.

This Mega Bundle gives you a fighting force of 180 points – ready to arrive on the tabletop and battle for supremacy:

1 x Tier 3 Officer with Model 4 Revolver

5 x Federal Infantry with Winchester Repeating Carbines
1 x Federal Infantry Sergeant with Model 4 Revolver
1 x Federal Infantry Specialist with Orlington Light Machine Gun
1 x Forward Observer

5 x Armoured Infantry with Assault Carbines

3 x Treadbikes with Twin Machine Guns

1 x Patriot Armoured Personel Carrier

1 x Acrylic Command Points Token Sheet
1 x Acrylic Range Band Measure

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