Hold Your Ground!

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Hold Your Ground!

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Here you can see some of the stunning new Spartan Scenics Accessory Packs in action on the tabletop. Blending seamlessly with the existing Scenics Terrain and Accessories, the Barricades and Teleporter sets are a perfect addition to any 28-32mm scale sci-fi game.

Protect the perimeter!

Protect the perimeter!

Liquid metal disintegrates against shielding as the Terran Colonial Field Infantry shelter from a lightning assault. Vicious fire-fights erupt across the rooftop of a secret bunker complex, the pulse of coil-rifles and the chatter of shard guns drowning the hum of the energy barricades. Soldiers dodge and weave between these specially designed, interlocking cover pieces – desperate to outflank their targets and scythe them down in a deadly crossfire.

To your posts, keep 'em peeled!

To your posts, keep ’em peeled!

As pitched battle erupts across the rooftops and before the main entrances, elite Dindrenzi Legionnaire Strike Teams assault deep into the heart of the facility, aiming to capture and defend vital objective points. Quickly deciphering controls to repurpose the equipment to their own ends, or else prepping demo-charges in case the mission is compromised and the tech falls back into enemy hands.

Use the Barricades to gain the tactical advantage ...and some ground!

Use the Barricades to gain the tactical advantage …and some ground!

Outfitting your tabletop with these fantastic new sets creates an exciting gaming environment, packed with character to lend natural narrative to your games. Working equally well as the centrepieces and vital cover for up close and personal skirmish games, or as scattered objectives and shelter for whole infantry sections in full blown battles, these accessory packs are a brilliant complement to your Spartan Scenics sci-fi gaming terrain.

They're inside the compound! Contain them!

They’re inside the compound! Contain them!

In the trees! Take 'em out!

In the trees! Take ’em out!