Helak Mirus

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Helak Mirus

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Patrolling the Straights of Cerac against interlopers from across the Boiling Seas, the Battle Fleet of Helak Mirus wages a constant war with many foes. Pirate fleets, marauding Orcs, Elven raiders and even their most bitterly hated enemies – the Iron Dwarves, are a persistent plague on the Shroud Mages of Mysonnia. However, with fanatical determination, brutal firepower and the strongest dark sorceries, Mirus and his Fleet keep the northern waters firmly in the grasp of the Cabal.

NEW Shroud Mages Battle Fleet

From the helm of the relentless Enigma Class Diviner, Mirus directs his Fleet. Like all Shroud Mages of rank, Mirus is a master of the magical arts, and through his knowledge of the elements he directs the Priests and Adepts under his command. Expertly controlling the arcane systems that propel the gargantuan iron-clad Diviner through the water, and imbuing its cannon batteries with deadly forces, Mirus and his Mages turn the mighty vessel into an unstoppable engine of destruction.

Whilst the Diviner bombards the enemy with heavy fusillades from its powerful broadsides, the rest of the fleet closes the distance. The Stalker Squadron, lead by the unassailable Tormentor Class Mechanist, supplements the punishing volleys from the Flagship with broadsides of their own, pounding the enemy gun decks to splinters before their cannons can penetrate the Fleet’s thick armoured hulls.

Adding to the chaos sown by this destructive bombardment, the Ripper Submarines circle the enemy, spreading fear through their Fleet as they lash out at imagined ripples. Meanwhile, the Fleet’s smallest vessels close and concentrate the fire from their ingenious turrets. Deadly volleys scythe through even the hardiest hulls – particularly when Illuminator Frigates are mixed into the Squadrons. Teams of Priest-Mages toil within the turrets of these small vessels, setting chosen ships aglow with enchanted shells so that the Squadron can target them with devastating accuracy.

The Battle Fleet’s inexorable advance culminates with a series of crushing impacts, as the Diviner, the Rippers and the Cruisers bore their cruel, barbed rams into the enemies’ remaining vessels and injecting jets of superheated steam into their shattered hulls – killing whatever crew remains.

Many ships belonging to overly ambitious or incautious Captains line the bed of the Straights of Cerac, and the dark Priests of Mysonnia rarely run short of sacrifices. Few foes dare to trespass into waters under the merciless gaze of Helak Mirus, for word has spread of the brutal fate that awaits those who do.

This Battle Fleet is a full force of just under 700 points – ready to slaughter any who would test their mettle. This Fleet contains:

1 x Enigma Class Flagship
2 x Stalker Class Cruisers
1 x Tormentor Class Heavy Cruiser
2 x Ripper Class Submarines
4 x Lurker/Illuminator Class Frigates
2 x Adept Class Destroyers

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