Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays

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Here’s to a Fabulous 2014

It’s always nice to end a year on a high note, and to look forward to the coming new year.

We’ve had a fabulous time at Spartan Games during 2013 and it’s now time for us to thank you all for your incredible support. And our promise to you is that in 2014 we’ll keep making exciting high quality models and games for you guys to enjoy!

So what do we have to look forward to? Well it’s a very big year for Dystopian Wars in 2014 as we look to make enhancements to the core game engine and numerous new models. Dystopian Wars has grown massively since its first release and the Creatives behind the game are working hard on various aspects of the game which will be delivered to you during the course of 2014.

Some new bits and pieces for Dystopian Wars early in 2014 will include our exciting Eclipse Company Mercenary faction. We first introduced these guys as a short story and now we’ve made a military force that you can field. A big part of this mercenary force is aerial-based, giving it the freedom to traverse the seas and continents of the world where they can make trouble. You can field the Eclipse Company as an independent force on its own right, or as paid for allies. Your call who and where you want these accomplished fighters to operate.

Eclipse Company Medium Flyer

Eclipse Company Large Flyer

Eclipse Company Large Flyer

Eclipse Company Underwater Base

Our Dystopian Wars Objective Set comes out in February. High quality Objectives can be placed around a gaming table and players can capture them, adding Victory Points to their games. And to make them even more fun we’ve added a Game Event Card Deck which is linked to the capture of the Objectives.

A glimpse of what’s to come in the Dystopian Wars Objective Set

More information about the Eclipse Company and DW Objective Set in early January 2014 when we launch them to our sales partners.

While we’re still talking Victorian Super Science Fiction it is time to discuss the major enhancements to Dystopian Legions 2014 will bring. With a large number of models already available Legions is firmly established, but 2014 brings a Hardback Rulebook, Nation Guides and we’ve opted to roll out the Russian Coalition, Covenant of Antarctica and Republique of France in one massive release. And we’ve not forgotten our first four nations… so all in all a most exciting set of developments for Legions players.

Russian Coalition Officer and Infantry

Russian Coalition Tank

Russian Coalition Specialist

Russian Coalition Officer

Russian Coalition Infantry

Uncharted Seas players can look forward to version 2.0 of the rules. We’ve quietly gone back to the core game engine and given it a major overhaul. Our first ever game, which has sailed the fantasy oceans globally for many years now, is going to be even bigger and better. Couple this with a new campaign system and ground combat rules we’re hoping you’ll be as pleased with the results as we are.

And so to Firestorm Armada. The end of 2013 has been staggeringly exciting for our spaceship combat game and the fun is just gonna keep going during 2014. The year starts with new Cruiser and Carrier Boxed Sets, moves into the release of our new Battle Cruiser Boxed Sets, our enhanced Fleet Guides, brand new FA Objective Set (see DW text above) and then we get close to the big boys, the Leviathans.

Dindrenzi Federation Battle Cruiser

Terran Alliance Battle Cruiser

Aquan Prime Battle Cruiser

Sorylian Collective Battle Cruiser

The Directorate Battle Cruiser

The Relthoza Battle Cruiser

Firestorm Armada Objective – Mining Asteroid

Firestorm Armada Objective – Jump Gate

Firestorm Armada Objective – Comms Station

Firestorm Armada Objective – Installation

Connected to this excitement in the FA Galaxy is Planetfall, our take on ground warfare on a planetary scale. We’re super excited as we work on Planetfall which is set to be the biggest release Spartan Games has ever made. Our Creatives are working almost as hard as Santa’s Elves to get this project ready for you and when it hits gaming tables in 2014 it’s primed to make a huge impact.

Looking now at new ventures, we’re excited to announce a joint development with Modiphius Entertainment to help turn its superb Achtung! Cthulu terrifying WWII RPG into a fantastic tabletop skirmish game. These guys will also be the driving force behind the development of a Dystopian Wars RPG, and this is just the beginning of a number of exciting joint projects. Watch out for more news on this project as it moves forward.

I could keep going, but if you’ve stayed with me this far with my ramblings you’ve done incredibly well. I would like to wish a happy holidays to you and your families and I look forward to us all having a cracking 2014!

Warm regards,
Spartan Neil