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“What were my impressions of Hahl on the field? Nothing short of a force of nature.”
– Major Heinrich Voller, 14th Solingen Guards Regiment

Oberst Hahl Artwork

Formerly commanding officer of the Wittenberg 56th Infantry, Oberst Hahl is a protégé of Sire Rupprecht Jaeger, Lord of the Reichswehr. As a young Captain, Hahl served as adjutant to Jaeger when he was himself colonel of the 56th before his elevation to the General Staff. A soldier since his late teens, Hahl has devoted his entire life to the Prussian Imperial army.

Hahl’s military career – and his life – almost came to a crashing end during the initial Russian attack on the Prussian Empire, shortly after his promotion to colonel. Hahl was severely injured during the 56th’s defence of the town of Elbing. His wound resulted in the total loss of one of his arms, but somehow the commander managed to pull through, surviving the evacuation of the 56th by sea to Gothenberg.

Offered a prestigious staff posting in Berlin, Hahl refused – he was a fighting officer, and wanted to go back to the front lines. Sire Jaeger therefore used his influence to allow Hahl to undergo reconstructive mechano-surgery with advanced prosthetics.

Hahl was left in possession of a massive Tesla-powered mechanical arm, driven by a Sturginium battery. Cabling from this power supply also snakes around the Colonel’s heart, further empowering it in order to cope with increased rigours of moving his new mechanical limb.

The arm is much more than a simple prosthetic – it is a potent weapon in its own right. Its Sturginium-reinforced digits can rend his enemies like tinfoil. When he needs to, Hahl can also draw upon the power of the batteries to discharge bursts of electricity into his opponents. He does not do this lightly, however – repeated use can sap his energy reserves considerably and cause potentially serious cardiac muscle spasms.

Oberst Hahl

The colonel was back with his regiment in the field in 1870, where he earned the name ‘Hammer-Faust’ – Hammerfist – among the troops under his command. He was soon transferred by Jager to the General Staff full-time, and since then ‘Hammer-Faust’ Hahl has served alongside troops all over the empire’s many battlefields.

Hahl has always had a reputation as an exceptionally resolute officer, fearless of danger under even the most appalling pressure. Many officers with this attitude would be seen by their troops as having little more than a death-wish – indeed, when he voluntarily returned to active duty, some suspected that Hahl had been ‘touched’ by his newly rebuilt limb, in the same way that veteran Tesla weapon crewmen often exhibit odd behaviour.

But while he has undoubtedly grown more eccentric since his injuries, Hahl remains stable enough to discharge his duties, despite remaining under close observation by Reichswehr medical personnel. He tempers his courage with strong-minded common sense and shrewd tactical skill – he does not engage in the pointless waste of the lives under his command.

Consequently Hahl has always managed to inspire the same sense of iron resolve in his men. Soldiers under ‘Hammer-Faust’s leadership are always confident that he will do his utmost to bring them home in one piece. Many times, this resolution has stopped the most powerful attacks in their tracks, as enemy forces run up against an implacable wall of Prussian steel with Oberst Hahl at its heart.

It is not just in holding the line that Hahl excels – he does not hesitate to lead by example on the offense too. Always at the point of the charge, smashing aside opponents with contemptuous ease with his spark-wreathed metal arm, Hahl’s hard-hitting strikes on the attack provide the hammer blows that crush foes on the anvil of the other Prussian forces under his command.

Leading from the front

Tactical Use:
Oberst Hahl is perhaps one of the most able combatants in the world. Armed with a fine Cavalry Sabre, his immensely powerful tesla-powered fist and years of combat experience there is almost no-one who can hope to stand in his way.

Prussian Commanders know well that Hahl is best used in the thick of the action. When he Takes Command of a Section of Grenadiers and charges with them into the enemy line, the chances are that victory will fall on the side of the glorious Prussian Empire.

When facing a particularly tough opponent, or when victory is absolutely crucial, Hahl can play his Special Game CardOverload – cranking the tesla-projector up to maximum power. Any opposition will swiftly disappear in flash of electric violence, although at a risk to his own health.

Although favouring Melee combat Hahl also possesses a powerful Ranged Attack, the ‘Tesla Surge’. This can provide an extra supplement to a Section’s firepower at close range, or even threaten any smaller Ironclads foolish enough to linger in Hahl’s path.

However, it would be wrong to think that Oberst Hahl is a single minded combat machine, he is also a capable Officer. Although not as flexible as a Lieutenant, Hahl’s Command Ability, Hold the Line, keeps his troops fighting in a Melee. This allows them to deliver the hammer-blow with minimal risk, or even stand their ground against dedicated assault troops. When applied to the fearsome Teutonic Order Armsmen under the influence of their Impervious Game Card even Hahl himself would struggle to dent their armour!