Gunnar Helg

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Gunnar Helg

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Hailing from the thriving port city of Aron-Delf, Forge Master Gunnar Helg is one part naval commander to one part chief engineer. Tasked with testing the latest developments of the Kullorian Guild of Engineers in the field, the Forge Master’s Battle Fleet is always outfitted with the finest weapons of war that the innovative Iron Dwarves have devised.

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Typically overseeing the performance of his Fleet from the command deck of the majestic Bellows Class Airship Ferra Ilmar, Helg is always in prime position to monitor the performance of the newest gunpowder mixes and coal infusions.

The Fleet’s redoubtable Cruisers and Frigates always prove a reliable testing ground: iron-clad hulls deflecting the heaviest fusillades whilst unrelenting broadsides and revolutionary turrets crack open their enemies’ inferior shells. These stalwart vessels serve as the Fleet’s unrelenting anvil whilst the more esoteric elements line up to deliver the killing blow.

Helg’s deadly Ram Cruisers shatter hulls with sledgehammer force, shunting anything that does not instantly sink into a position where the Fleet’s guns can tear it apart at leisure. Meanwhile, ingenious submarine craft stalk the enemy beneath the waves. Fear and disarray spread in their wake, as frantic Captains attempt to shell open waters in the hope of forcing these illusive phantoms in to sight. When they do reach the surface, great gouts of fire and molten metal spew from muzzled barrels, drenching their target in liquid flame that burns through canvas, wood and flesh with equal ease.

Finally, the Ferran Ilmar and her sister ship soar above the fleet, before swooping down on the pinned enemy. Hurling fire from powerful broadside batteries and plunging devastating, explosive ordnance straight through the vulnerable decks of the biggest vessels they encounter – a deadly payload to tear the foe apart from the inside and cripple anything else caught in the blast.

Under the stewardship of Forge Master Helg and his crews of peerless engineers this fleet has become an invaluable defence against the dangers of the Uncharted Seas, as well as a prime source of the research and experimentation that keeps the ships of the Iron Dwarves head and shoulders above their enemies. Only the boldest or most foolish pirates and raiders dare to venture into the waters around Karneia whilst the Ferran Ilmar patrols the skies.

This Battle Fleet is a full force of just under 700 points – standing proudly in defence of King Ringvald and demonstrating the undeniable might of Kulloria. This Fleet contains:

2 x Bellows Class Airship
4 x Mortis Class Frigates
2 x Belcher Class Submarine
3 x Hammer Class Cruiser
3 x Piston Class Ram Cruiser

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