Grenadier Infantry

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Grenadier Infantry

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“Soldaten! The enemy will taste our steel and lightning! Vorwärts für den Kaiser!”
Feldwebel Walter Schirmer, 66th Solingen Rifles, at the Fifth Battle of Königsberg

Grenadier Infantry Artwork

The Prussian Empire’s mighty armies have formed the core of its military strength for generations. Even after the introduction first of light and heavy tanks, and then massive Land Ships, the Prussian General Staff continued to place great faith in massed infantry units. One of the four Military Sires, the chiefs of the General Staff, holds responsibility purely for the empire’s infantry and mechanised infantry corps such is their numbers and importance.

Collectively, the Prussian Empire’s standard Grenadier infantry is known as the Reichswehr. Thanks to the Empire’s vast size, enormous population and compulsory conscription even in peacetime, the Reichswehr is vast, numbering in the millions. The infantry regiments serve as fortress guards, garrisons and support troops for the tanks and Land Ships of the Panzer Divisions and the Imperial Land Fleets.

However, infantry regiments sometimes operate autonomously, as they are increasingly being issued with their own integral light armoured support. As conscripts, they perhaps lack the finer skill of professionals like the Britannians. However, they are universally well-armed and well-equipped.

Grenadier Infantry

Unlike the Britannians, the Prussian Reichswehr’s training does not place such a rigorous emphasis upon individual marksmanship. There is a wholly practical reason for this – namely the sheer size of the imperial armies and the vast manpower base that supplies them. Prussian forces also tend to be well-armoured and plentifully supplied with support weaponry to provide additional firepower for the infantry as it advances.

The Mauser-Tesla M1869 pattern Rifle is their primary weapon, a potent and reliable clip fed self-loader. The Pattern 1869 has a deadly sting in the form of an electrified bayonet, powered by a Tesla Battery.

This potent weapon makes Prussian Grenadiers deadly in close quarters combat, as befitting their preference of advancing in dense columns for brutal medium to short-range firefights. Rather than long-range duels, Prussian infantry doctrine focuses on the delivery of intense torrents of rifle fire at relatively close distances, where individual accuracy is not essential, followed by a shock bayonet charge, in which their close columns can easily shatter the thinner lines adopted by many other nations’ infantry units.

Grenadier Infantry

The primary specialist support weapon of the Reichswehr line troops is the infamous Koch-Mannlicher Vierling, purposely designed to complement the favoured Prussian tactics for offensive strikes. This short-ranged but deadly firearm discharges all four barrels in a massive blast when fired.

Only the strongest Prussian Soldaten can handle this brutish gun. Concentrated Vierling blasts can soften up even the toughest opponents, before the stunned survivors are brought down in a rush of trampling boots and sparking bayonets!

Tactical Use:
Sections of Prussian Grenadiers specialise in close to medium range firepower followed by line-breaking Melee Charges. With their Tesla-enhanced bayonets they are more dangerous at close-quarters than most mainstay troops, especially when combined with certain Game Cards.

Standard tactics employed by Prussian Commanders recommend rapidly advancing the Grenadiers in Line Formation, using the Ein, Zwei, Ein, Zwei Game Card to boost their speed whilst they take long range pot-shots.

Grenadier Infantry

This steady advance is maintained when they reach Effective Range, but the intensity of the firepower is increased, especially through the Tesla Storm and Shock Therapy Game Cards.

Once the enemy have been crippled and suppressed by the barrage, the Grenadiers will Charge, preferably with support from the likes of Oberst Hahl or Teutonic Armsmen to completely shatter the opposing forces in Melee.