Gen Con 2016

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Gen Con 2016

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We’re very excited to confirm that we’ll be heading to the US for Gen Con in a couple of weeks, and we’ll be taking Halo: Ground Command with us!

If you’re going to the convention for 4 days of fun and gaming, come on over to the Spartan Games booth – located at 2756 – and say hello. We had an amazing time last year meeting you all, and can’t wait to repeat it again in 2016. logo


We will also have a demonstration table with our good friends at – located at booth 2407 – where we’ll be showing off Halo: Ground Command, our fabulous new ground warfare game set in the exciting Halo Universe. Plus, will have lots of boxes of our new game for sale.  Last year, Halo: Fleet Battles sold out in a few hours so make sure you don’t leave it too late!

We know you’ve been waiting with bated breath for this awesome new game to come out, so this is your chance to have a game, meet the designers, talk about the amazing Halo Universe and attempt to pry out of us some secrets about 343 Industries’ AMAZING plans for our games.




Halo: Ground Command is an adrenalin fuelled wargame stoked with non-stop action that takes all the intensity of a first person shooter and merges it with the tactics of a real time strategy. Using stunningly detailed miniatures and an intuitive gaming system, the game gives you the tools to play out epic battles between stalwart soldiers of the UNSC and the merciless legions of the Covenant.

Cities will fall, heroes will rise, and destiny forged in battles that are yours to plan, direct, and implement on the tabletop. From massive tank engagements to small skirmishes, YOU are in control, making life-and-death decisions as a UNSC commander charged with the defence of critical colonies. Or take the role of an alien invader, leading Covenant invasion forces as a field marshal ordered to exterminate humanity, at any cost.

Covenant Zealot ElementWe’ll have Spartans, Warthogs, Scorpions, UNSC Riflemen, Zealots, Elites, Grunts, Ghosts, Wraiths and cool scenery on the demo table, like our awesome Covenant Stealth Pylon. It will be a great chance to discuss the design philosophy behind the game, roll some dice and beat the game’s designers!

Can you tell we’re excited by the game? Come and find out exactly why Halo: Ground Command has us so excited…


Over the course of the convention, we’ll be showcasing our core game systems on the Spartan booth, with Spartan Neil, Spartan Derek and Spartan Martin on hand for the whole show to talk about products, plans and, of course, roll some dice with you!

Fast play rulebooksThere is a lot going on with our Dystopian World and Firestorm Galaxy, and Gen Con will be a great place for you to look at some models in the flesh (always a great way to see the size, production quality and stunning aesthetics), and talk about our plans. We’ll be showing our fast play systems Dystopian Wars: Fleet Action and Firestorm: Taskforce, and our ever-helpful Vanguards will be there to discuss our hugely successful Firestorm Armada, Dystopian Wars and Planetfall systems.

We’ve now got fast play rules and gritty, in-depth rules for our two leading game systems, giving players the option to game any way they want to with our vast array of models! Come and find out more at our Stand.


OK, so you’ll have four days to get together with us, but we figured that just wasn’t enough time! That’s why we’ve booked three 2-hour evening ‘Learn to Play’ sessions. We’ve made our designers available, packed up some cool models and dice, and we’re looking for players to come and spend 120 exciting minutes finding out more about Halo: Fleet Battles and Halo: Ground Command. You can find out more by clicking here.

Thursday night we’ll be kicking things off with a Halo: Ground Command ‘Learn to Play’ session – no prior experience needed (although we’ll give you a medal if you do have any, given that the game will have only been released for a week!). This is your chance to really pick the brains of the design team – and see if you can beat them at their own game!

On Friday, we’ll be following up with a Halo: Fleet Battles ‘Learn to Play’ session, and on Saturday night, we’ll be finishing off with another Halo: Ground Command Session – your last chance to take on Spartan Neil or Spartan Derek!

All of our events will start at 8PM each night in the ICC, Hall B, Yellow 11-14. They’ll last for roughly two hours, and you can find out more details and sign up on the Gen Con Event Finder Page.

We’ll be handing out exclusive prizes at all of our ‘Learn to Play’ events, so don’t forget to sign up – it’s first come, first served.

Covenant CAS We’ll also be supporting our player-led events throughout the week. The International Brotherhood of Gamers will be hosting a 1200 point Firestorm Armada game on Thursday night at 6PM in the ICC, Hall B, Green 33-34, so break out those Terrans and Sorylians, and prepare for war! Vanguard Doug Ummel will also be hosting a Halo: Fleet Battles Casual Play session on Sunday at 12 in the ICC, Hall B, Green 1-4, so if you’re looking to get some battles under your belt, that’s the place to be. For both of these events, please be aware that you’ll need to bring your own models.

We can’t wait for the show – hope to see you there!