Frontline Despatches 3: The Minor Nations

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Frontline Despatches 3: The Minor Nations

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ORBATs for using the Minor Alliance nations and Mercenaries in Dystopian Wars Fleet Action are now available from the Downloads section of the Spartan Games website.

Let’s have a look at some of the questions that may arise around this exciting update.

Who are these stats for?

ORBATs are now available for the Chinese Federation, Ottoman Empire, Kingdom of Denmark, League of Italian States, Scandinavian Teutonic Order , Indian Raj, Royal Australia, Free Australia, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Dominion of Canada, East India Merchant Company, Black Wolf Company and Honourable Eclipse Company.

Stats for Operational Assets (such as merchant ships) will appear as part of narrative scenarios in the future.

Can I include minor nation units in my Core Seven fleets?

In a word, YES! Each Minor Nation ORBAT includes alliance (or mercenary) narrative Battle Groups that can be included in other fleets listed. So your Prussian Empire fleet can be supported by lightning fast Italian cruisers, your Russian Coalition armoured column can include hard hitting Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Landships and the technological refinement of the Covenant of Antarctica can be paired with the boarding prowess of the Free Australians to name just a few exciting possibilities!

Some of the shared units have different stats?

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that some units which are common across several fleets (such as lend lease units) have slightly different stats in the minor nation ORBATs than they do in the Core Seven ORBATs. We have been making some adjustments to the Core Seven ORBATs based on further play testing and on feedback received from the community. Updated versions of these ORBATs will be posted shortly that will bring all nations into line.

So what’s next for Fleet Action?

Although all the models now have stats that does not mean we are done with Fleet action! As well as the updated Core Seven ORBATs we will be releasing an FAQ and errata document to the core rulebook containing clarifications and minor adjustments.

We have a range of new narrative scenarios in the pipeline to allow you to fight the key battles in our advancing timeline across land air and sea. Specific scenarios will be published for both Fleet Action and Dystopian Wars allowing you to engage in these tactical challenges however you prefer.

To provide even more options when deciding how best to crush your foe, we will be publishing a range of additional narrative Battle Groups for the various factions. Look out for Russian Co-ordinated Bombardment Groups, Covenant of Antarctica Drone Command formations and Blazing Sun Shadow Operatives hitting the tabletop near you!

And of course, any new Dystopian models that will be released will be receiving the Fleet Action treatment…

That’s all for now, happy gaming!

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Some time ago we made some superbly detailed Battlefield Objectives available for Dystopian Legions. They played a relatively simplistic role in the game and allowed players to effectively earn victory points for securing them during a battle.

Objective MarkersDuring some of our own games we added more narrative driven fun rules for these Objectives. We have now created a PDF with some examples of what we call Interactive Battlefield Objectives and you can find this PDF on our Dystopian Legions Downloads page.

The rules are purely optional, so players should decide between them if they are going to use them. Maybe you will feel inspired to create your own variants of the rules for the Objective Tokens you use during your games. Watch out for some upcoming Dystopian Legions scenarios that use these rules, along with some fun variants.

Let us know how you get on.

All the best,
Spartan Giles



Swiss Adventures – a fun treasure hunt scenario!

As we wrap up this latest Dystopian Blog, here is a link to a fun Scenario generated by Spartan Giles. He was inspired by the new island terrain we have created. The idea is to search the islands for top secret documents that belong to a mysterious company. We hope you have fun playing it.

Download the Scenario HERE.