Frontline Despatches 2: OPEN FIRE!

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Frontline Despatches 2: OPEN FIRE!

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Frontline Despatches 2: OPEN FIRE!

The World War has come to southern Africa with a vengeance. As the Great Powers plot, plan and build their forces in the rest of the world, the Kingdom of Britannian and the Prussian Empire, the first nations to stake their claims to this continent in force, are about to cross swords in a deadly encounter!

The Battle of Angra Pequena

Something big is afoot off the Guinean coast. From their heavily guarded new base at Batonga, the Britannians have expanded, working around the clock to solidify their claims on territory and treasure. Out to sea, in the blue waters of the south-east Atlantic, a number of mighty edifices have begun to take shape above the waves; though for what purpose, none but the Britannians themselves are yet aware, and they aren’t telling…

sturginium-rig-top-downImage captured by recon mission over Batonga Bay

The scale of these new works has the Prussians both curious and fearful. Aerial recon mission after recon mission has been thwarted as the Prussians clamber to discover the plans of their enemy. Ground teams are already crossing Africa in a bid to source intelligence, and lastly a powerful fleet assault has been planned.

Prussian Plotting

On the other side of Africa, from their fortified redoubt of Conradsburg on Madagascar, the Prussians observed the gathering Britannian strength with trepidation. Their own position, though now well protected and reinforced – albeit at great cost to the Empire – falls short of their enemy’s reach and strength in the region, but for how long?

Nonetheless, the Imperial commanders are not content to let the Britannians have a free pass. Whatever is being constructed constitutes a threat, one to which the Prussians will apply their iron military doctrine: strike hard, strike fast, strike first!

Operation Crushing Fist

As the Britannian presence in Guinea continues to grow, the Prussians have assembled their counterstrike. A column of mighty warships takes shape in Conradsburg’s fortified harbour, their crews preparing for battle.

But commanders are realising the Britannians are not the only enemy. The elements themselves are a harsh factor for any who brave the southern waters. The infamous Cape of Good Hope has always been an unpredictable and dangerous route to travel. Now, beset by volatile Sturginium-laced weather, it is an even more formidable challenge to the mariners of the world.

One thing is for certain, though; not even the forces of nature themselves will stay the fiery fury of these two great powers when they clash in the wild Southern Ocean!

Download a longer narrative about the Campaign HERE.

Join the fight!

We have created a Dystopian Wars scenario for this first naval battle in the waters around Africa – and we’d very much like you to take part in the battles with us. This is an engagement style scenario that has been tweaked with hidden victory conditions and uses a random table to affect the Prussian Fleet – it has just sailed through some of the worst weather ever seen, so there is a chance that some vessels did not make it to the battle unscathed!

So how can you join in? Well grab your fleets and give it a go. It would be great if you are using the Britannians and Prussians, but you can use any force to proxy. Then hit the table, fight it out and drop us a quick email with your results to with the title Battle of Angra Pequena.

We’ll collate the results with our own games and it will be huge fun to see whether your games match our narrative. If you are feeling creative we’d love to see pics and for those of you who like writing being able to read about your exploits would be sweet.

Download the Battle of Angra Pequena scenario HERE for Dystopian Wars 2.0.

We have an exciting Fleet Action blog coming very shortly after this one and in that we will detail how to play this scenario in our fast play set of rules.

Command and Control

With all the excitement going on with Dystopian Wars you will be pleased to hear we’ve not left Legions out of the fun. We’ve been looking at a number of ways to improve the Legions 2.0 ruleset and our first foray into new additions sees us look a fresh look at Command and Control. Organising your forces and ordering them is an important part of the rules, so making them better and more fun for you is important.

Download Legions Optional Command and Control HERE.

In upcoming Frontline Despatches we’ll discuss a number of subjects: Spartan DW Josh will talk about the new Fleet Action Alliance Nation statistics, more details and images of the massive constructions seen off the coast of Africa, we’ll kick off our second hugely exciting campaign based in the Baltic, and start some discussions about the new models we are making for you.

So, happy gaming and don’t forget to let us know how your Naval games in Africa go!