Four Go To Battle

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Four Go To Battle

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Our first four brand new modular Battleships have been refitted and are now ready to set sail for battle again. We asked Spartan Mike to explain the changes to their statistics and give us the lowdown as to why they were made.

Prussian Empire Eider Class Mk I and II – Design Revision Notes

Prussia’s new modular warships designs harken to the classic Emperor Battleship, a revered veteran of the Dystopian Wars world that still holds itself as a mighty vessel still today. To ensure that this new era of mainline Battleships stand on their own and can begin to make their own mark in the conflict ahead, some attention was needed to give the Eider a final bit of polish to set it right.

prussian_webThe Eider Mk I is the spiritual successor to the Emperor, albeit with a shift slightly in weaponry focus. While the shiny new Piercing / Close Quarters Turrets and the powerful High-Angle Broadsides give the MK I a strong “rush down” game, some important features were still missing that needed to be added to the hull design. First, and most importantly, the CR got a boost to 11. This is the standard top end weight for the Prussian Battleships. Prussians build their main-liners tough and now both Eider marks will enjoy this durability.

To further bolster the already swift and speedy assault of the Prussian war-machine, the Eider hull was boosted with a small Advanced Engine (+1”). This allows a Prussian player to rocket aggressively to the front in a high-risk, high-reward approach. Coupled with the Tesla Generator, this provides a commander a degree of speed even if they want to hold off the use of the Generator until they get into striking range for a surge. To round out the Mk I, the newly improved broadsides were given a Range Band 4 attack value. The small changes to the Eider Mk1 ensure that players have a bit of a harder choice when choosing between the crafty veteran Emperor and this exciting modern main-liner!


MK I Eider (Left) and MK II (Right)

The MK II Tesla Battleship got most of its attention built into it as the Eider hull was upgraded. This ship already was sitting pretty with a powerful array of Tesla/Speer gunnery, but something about the power level of the Tesla Broadsides didn’t quite feel right. Knowing that the balance of having this vessel capable of linking a massive pile of electrical dice together (especially with an attached Donnerfaust!) was key, but still wanting the broadsides to stand a bit on their own, we bumped the attack dice up one on each band. This minor change gives the vessel a bit more teeth when firing them solo or when bolstering a larger link and gives it a degree of durability as its power decays to damage over the course of battle.

Overall once everything was plumped onto the Eider MK II, it felt a bit heavy handed for its points, so we bumped it up ever so slightly to 190 points, ensuring it remains balanced when stacked against other Prussian Battleships and against the other Nations.

The Prussian fleet has always had an incredible array of potent options for large ships, with these modifications to the previously presented Eider, we hope these new statistic sheets will ensure these incredibly unique ships fight for a place into your navies.


britannia_webKingdom of Britannia Magnate Class Mk I and II – Design Revision Notes

The Magnate MK I was intended to be a progressive and solid evolution of the tried and tested Ruler Battleship. The bolstered Primary Turrets, loaded with powerful Piercing Munitions, a solid complement of Stoic Crew and the improved speed thanks to Advanced Engines, really set the Magnate Mk I into pace as a powerful and solid option for the Britannian Navy as the war progresses forward. A few simple changes in this updated stat profile help to cement the Magnate MK I into the KoB ORBAT and further balance it both internally within fleet and externally vs. similar vessels.

By dropping the Magnate chassis from 8” to 7” MV, we better established it as a natural successor to the reliable and familiar styled hull of the Ruler (also cruising at 7” MV). The Advanced Engines still bringing some incredible speed to an otherwise reserved faction, ensure this vessel can commit itself to conflict with better planning more readily.

The Magnate MK II was a completely different operation and revision altogether. Many of our diehard fans had the chance to enjoy some early beta test documents for the Magnate MK II, versions that included scary Bombard attack dice volumes and even some versions with multiple cannon volleys as opposed to a single Battery. While we got a bit out of hand with our devious attempts to shatter the enemies of the Crown from afar, we got perhaps even more out of control in our attempts… to control… erm ourselves! This version of the Magnate MK II represents a large amount of playtesting, player reaction and feedback, to give this incredible model a fair showing on the table at battle or on paper in plotting.


MK I Magnate (Left) and MK II (Right)

Much as was the reasoning for the MK I, the Magnate MK II lost a bit off speed, dropping to 7” MV to match its brother. The lack of Advanced Engines on this mark is conceptualised that a smoother and level speed would be more beneficial to training cannons for blasting a coastline to bits, as well as tugging those massive bombards really weighing them down. These were logical and simple changes.

The Coastal Bombardment Battery got the most attention in all the revisions and testing. To bolster the raw damage of this incredible weapon, the AD was lifted a point on each available Range Band and the special rule governing the Coastal Bombardment was eventually scrapped and we applied Devastating Munitions directly to the Battery. After all, how could it not be a devastating attack with those two beastly guns firing across the battlefield!?

But that’s not all. Not one to take something cool and flavourful away without trying to come up with a cool addition, the special rule was replaced with Vault-Breaker Shelling. Now when any poor-sucker of a Fortification comes under the sights of the Coastal Bombardment Battery, they are in for a world of hurt as the attack volley picks up Sustained Fire (3) MAR. While this won’t come into play during most games, it will help quite a bit when your “buddy” brings some type of nasty Dread-robot-fort thingy to the game.

These important changes really bring the power of this cannon system to the next level, but also made for a justified look at the points cost to ensure appropriate balance. The Strategic Value (50) MAR was also removed and the points cost nudged to 190, making it incredibly capable and focused in its battlefield role.


Ffsa_webederated States of America Mississippi Class Mk I and II – Design Revision Notes

The Federated States of America (FSA) have a potent stable of Large Naval vessels. When we designed the two Mississippi Modular Battleships, we looked to ensure that the new marks not only stood as powerful new choices for the fleet, but that they brought some refreshing concepts to a very balanced and solid Nation. After we let the first draft of stats out to the masses, it became clear that some tuning was needed to ensure that these spectacular models better represented themselves in the field of battle.

The Mississippi Mk I represents the classic Battleship of the Dystopian Wars, but with some modern concepts in munitions more tuned to the theme of the FSA. Looking at the broadsides on this ship, it was hard to imagine these humongous rotor-cannons not carpeting the ocean with waves of lead. We optioned to give them a boost with Sustained Fire (1), fitting for a nation obsessed with outgunning their enemies.

The next change is linked to the model aesthetic. The design was a tad confusing with the Fore and Aft Volley guns… so we amended the stats to compensate, and it turned out rather well. The Aft volley guns have now been subsumed into the broadside clusters down the hull. The Fore Guns set into deck, larger than most conventional Volley Guns, needed to get the proper attention they deserved. We therefore removed the stats for the Aft Volley Guns, and beefed up the Fore Volley Gun with a sizable increase to its attack dice (+2 per Range Band!).


MK I Mississippi (Left) and MK II (Right)

The dual nature of these guns and the “on deck” nature of them, led us to bolster it further with Sustained Fire (1) and to lock it in place as a Fixed Fore Arc… far more fitting given the model. All that was left on the Mk I was a minor reduction to its Concussion Charges (6 down to 5) to bring its defensive stats a bit more in line with other nations and the Mississippi Mk I was ready to take the field as a powerful and determined all-rounder Battleship.

We wanted to further press the idea of American Air superiority when we set to design the Mississippi Mk II. A ruthless and aggressive ship that would hastily close to the hotspots of battle and shred apart anything in its tighter Range Bands. In carrying over the necessary Hull changes (the Fore Heavy Volley Gun and Sustained Broadsides) from the Mk I, we further reinforced this concept. With the added attack dice from the Heavy Volley Gun linking with its two Fore Volley Turrets, a closing MK II Sky-Reaper Battleship can unleash some truly terrifying mid-ranged attacks, and rapidly considering the built in Kinetic Generator!

The total package for the Mk II meant that we had to re-evaluate its point cost. Prior to the upgrades, the MK II was pushing the limit in terms of balance vs cost. Better considering the upgrades to its broadsides, the massive new Fore Heavy Volley Guns link-ability with its man Turrets and the double down on Generators, this vessel needed a larger than typical boot in cost to better balance it both internally and externally. Sitting now at 195 points, the effect/cost weight of this ship feels much more on track.

Overall the American modular ships got quite a bit of love and have really become quite the enticing choices for veteran FSA players, offering effective and powerfully focused options for damage at both long and close ranges.


blazing_webEmpire of the Blazing Sun Yokai Class Mk I and II – Design Revision Notes

The Empire of the Blazing Sun is a nation that prides itself on unorthodox tactics and deviously designed ships, built with a wide range of powerful munitions. In designing the Yokai modular Battleships, we needed to ensure that we kept these concepts showcased both in their models, but perhaps more importantly in the rules for them. While the new models truly look “Dystopian Japanese” the initial offering of rules stepped away from our concepts and the feedback was duly noted. We went back to the basics with these marks and addressed the some of the concerns for both versions and made a solid grouping of changes that will hopefully resonate well with our fans of these Honourable, yet Sinister Warriors.

The Yokai Mk I is, to put it simply, a most solid what-you-see-is-what-you-get Battleship. Built to be a spiritual successor to the aged Sokatsu, veteran players will no doubt be able to notice the many similarities between the two ships. While we had presented the first version of the Mk I with Rugged Construction, further conceptualising sees this MAR being removed from the ship. Why would it be any hardier than a Heavy Battleship? The higher CR rating of the Blazing Sun ships is the better way to enforce the durability built into their “train-like” hulls. We removed Rugged, but in doing so created a vacuum of durability that would have been sorely missed. To correct this and to put some option and familiarity back into the ship, an option to swap the Sonic Generator for a Shield Generator (2) was added.

The Sustained Fire MAR on the broadsides and the Flaming munitions they fired helped to distinguish the Mk I from the Sokatsu, but something else was needed to help illustrate the Shadow Tactics of the Empires Navy a bit more: Hit and Run! With this exciting MAR added to the Mk I, it can pull off some well angled shots before moving into position behind cover or launching an assault with its powerful and robust amount of Aggressive jet-pack Samurai!


MK I Yokai (Left) and MK II (Right)

While the Yokai MK II Battle Carrier is an incredible new model for the Blazing Sun, the accompanying statistics for it left some Commanders confused and wanting more. Firstly, and most importantly let’s address the massive carrier deck. So few are the ships capable of carrying SAS to battle in the Blazing Sun fleets, that any that are built would surely be built with craftsman care and a large degree of durability. We therefore brought back Rugged Construction to the model. This thing has an incredible mini-fortress atop it and as such, should have an extra layer of durability to it. There is a precedent with Rugged on the Kiyohime and it fits on the Mk II Yokai perfectly.

Being that the hull is literally the same as the Yokai Mk I, we further enhanced its survivability by pushing it back to CR 12. The loss of a Main Turret to gain a flight deck is an incredible trade-off, but it still left us wanting to add a bit more to the Mk II. We bolstered it by taking another nod from the Kiyhohime and gave all the weaponry Incendiary. Now those powerful Fore Torpedoes can light up enemy ships as the Mk II closes into the maelstrom.

Pushing the flaming topic to the next level, we looked at the Sonic Generator and I decided it was high-time that the masters of combat fires brought a little more spark to the battle… and so we replaced it with a Fury Generator (12”). Now you can really set up some drifting infernos to mess with your foe. But the coolest trick up the Mk II’s sleeve is in the addition of a powerful MAR: Combat Coordinator (EoBS, 8”, Diehard Attitude). Surely the sight of this majestic carrier, decked with historic feudal architecture, would rouse the Bushido spirit within the crews of nearby ships to higher levels of honour and duty!

This vessel can now anchor a fleet with this powerful boon to better ensure the full might of each squadron reaches the front lines able to fight. With this new suite of powers and stats, we needed to retool the ships value and set it comfortably at 190 points. A sizable lift in points, yet considering the plethora of upgrades the Mk II received, it was necessary.

The Yokai modular hulls both now have a distinct feel to them that sit very differently against the rest of the Empire’s Navy. Bringing forth some exciting new options and further pushing the unorthodoxy to the table to confuse and frustrate the enemies of the Blazing Sun!

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