For Want of a Bolt

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For Want of a Bolt

Written by Craig Gallant | Tags:

This story is the result of a charity drive for Extra Life, an international charity raising funds for children’s hospitals all over the world. Spartan Games kindly offered the opportunity for a short story, set in the Dystopian Wars game world and written by Craig Gallant, to be featured on their website accompanied by an in-character portrait by the most-excellent artist, graphic designer, and life-saver, Paul Wingrove.

Peter, as the winning donor, collaborated with Craig on what game system would be featured, and a character that would represent him in the story. Every other person who donated to Craig’s Extra Life campaign also makes an appearance, some brief, some as central figures, over the course of the story.


Craig Gallant is a teacher of Theatre and Literature, an author, and a hopefully-not-too-horrible podcast co-host on the general gaming podcast, The D6 Generation. Hist latest novel, Bastion, is now available through Winged Hussar Publishing and on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. He can be found at and occasionally making inane comments on @d6gcraig on Twitter.

Paul Wingrove is an artist, painter, model maker and builder of imaginary things! When not pursuing these interests he runs a map publishing firm, where he has worked for a quarter of a century.

For Want of a Bolt [PDF, 0.8MB]