Fleets of Renown

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Fleets of Renown

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A few weeks ago we asked you to send in pictures of your Firestorm Armada Fleets. We had a fantastic response with lots of images of fantastic colour schemes, fleet themes, and paint jobs.
We have selected a few of our favourites to share with you all.

Rob Martin sent us in a picture of his Sorylians resplendent in a bright blue and yellow colour scheme. The painting is very crisp and neat and really stands out on the table top.

Lon Porter’s Directorate are an imposing sight as they glide across the table top in this striking red and white colour scheme.

Pierre Cailleau sent us this picture of his fantastic Sorylian colour scheme. It is dark and imposing and will strike fear into the heart of enemy commanders.

We always like to see pictures of inspiring models, so please send us some pictures of your Fleet and we will continue to select the best and post them on our blog.