Fleet Manuals Now Available!

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Fleet Manuals Now Available!

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You can now download PDF versions of our Firestorm Armada Fleet Manuals, one for each of the core six major races. These books are compatible with the new Firestorm Armada 2.0 Hardback Rulebook which has just started shipping. These PDFs are available at the superb price of FREE!


Online Fleet Manuals Now Available

The links to each of the Fleet Manuals can be found below.

Dindrenzi Federation Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.7MB]
Terran Alliance Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.6MB]
Aquan Prime Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.5MB]
Sorylian Collective Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.6MB]
The Directorate Fleet Manual [PDF 0.6MB]
The Relthoza Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.7MB]

Full colour printed versions of these books, containing even more information and stunning photography, will be available to buy in the first quarter of 2014.

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