Fleet Building Competition

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Fleet Building Competition

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Designing an optimal Fleet list that is perfectly engineered to ruthlessly crush any opponent it faces is a fine art, and a past time we have all devoted countless hours to. Of course, everyone has their own idea of what makes the best composition, whether its amassing the largest possible pool of Attack Dice, collecting the vessels with the toughest hulls and the most powerful shields, maxing out on Carrier vessels and Short Range Spacecraft or trying to achieve the perfect balance with a Squadron fit for every role.

With the Second Edition of Firestorm Armada on the shelves, and fiery debates about which Fleet reigns supreme igniting furiously, we have decided to hold a competition. We are calling you to submit your unbeatable Fleet list for Firestorm Armada 2.0, complete with all models and SRS tokens, any upgrades and hardpoints and the Tactical Ability Cards you would use in conjunction with the Fleet.

The three categories are:

• Patrol Fleet (800 Points)
• Battle Fleet (1200 Points)
• Grand Fleet (2000 Points)

Submit your full list, along with a 500 word explanation of why it is superior and a suggested paint scheme to rules@spartangames.co.uk by the 31st January. The top entrant in each category (judged by the FA Creative Team) will have their optimised list made available as a mail order bundle deal, so that players around the world can buy a terrifying force and destroy the enemies of their chosen faction.

Each winner will also win e-vouchers they can spend in our online store and a custom piece of artwork that personifies their chosen paint scheme on their chosen fleet.

We will only be accepting one entry in each category from any one player – so make sure your list is the best it can possibly be before submitting it!