Flashpoint Amber – The Trap is Sprung!

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Flashpoint Amber – The Trap is Sprung!

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The powers of the Kurak Alliance have begun their grand assault on the Amber System, but their Zenian League enemies have not been idle. Indeed, the conflict which now consumes the Amber System has come about at least partially by Zenian design!


Dindrenzi Federation Pioneer-Marshal Darius D’Ancona

Having sown a web of lies about the secrets of the Amber System, Zenian Commanders now watch with amusement as their Kurak enemies open a new front in the galactic war. As equally frustrated as their enemies by the stalemate in the Storm Zone, the Zenian member races have made strenuous efforts to ensure that they will be well positioned to fight the enemy on their terms – terms they believe they have created by transforming the Amber System into a vast trap.

The planets of Amber have been turned into artfully concealed fortresses and strongholds, where human and alien armies have been mustered and dug in. Amid the shifting asteroid belt of the Amber System’s outer regions, and the moons of its great gas giants, powerful naval battle groups lurk, awaiting the call to arms from their comrades.

With Kurak naval and ground forces now deep in the heart of the Amber System, the deadly Zenian trap has been sprung! Mighty warships now duel with terrifying firepower in the cold depths of space, while ferocious ground battles rage across Amber’s worlds; from the rocky deserts of Korona and the bleak moorlands of Kavan’s World, to the steaming island jungles of Adrella and the icy wastes of Vissina.

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