Flank Charge, Holding Action!

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Flank Charge, Holding Action!

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It’s an exciting time for fans of Armoured Clash – our brand new set of Victorian super science fiction wargaming rules – as the massive Armoured Brigade Boxes, packed full of glorious tanks and other great additions, for each of the seven core nations will be hitting stores from next week.

To celebrate, here’s two new Scenarios for you to try out.

Prussian Empire Armoured Brigade Box Cover

Prussian Empire Armoured Brigade Box Cover

The first, Flank Charge, demonstrates how manoeuvre and positioning are often far greater weapons than simple brute strength.

The second, Holding Action, sees you holding the line against a force vastly superior in numbers.

You can download the Scenarios by clicking the links below. Remember that if you are using Google Chrome you will need to Right-Click the link and ‘Save As’ in order to view it:

Flank Charge [PDF, 1.5MB]
Holding Action [PDF, 1.5MB]

The Armoured Brigade Boxes are the perfect (and quickest!) way to get into Armoured Clash. Each Armoured Brigade Box gives you three complete regiments coming in at just under 1500 points. In addition to a great number and variety of exciting models, all Armoured Clash Armoured Brigade Boxes come with a set of 10 scenic buildings, a set of 24 dice, 2 A5 Token Sheets, an acrylic ruler and a detailed scenic bridge.

The Spartan Games Online Store will be shipping the Armoured Brigade Boxes from May 1st 2013. You can place your advance order today to ensure you do not miss out on these exciting new releases.