First Contact: The Results!

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First Contact: The Results!

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As the sky darkened they came, metallic nightmares that fell from above looking to crush all before them. Well that’s the storyline, but we’re happy to report that not all domestic forces fell before the Invaders! It is accurate to say that the Invaders are a tough enemy and if you’re not cautious you’ll be devastated by them in combat, but it would appear that experienced Dystopian Wars players gave their nations a good outing.


Click here to see the full Campaign Results map [JPG, 1MB]

Our worldwide campaign kicked off last year as we gave you statistics, a map and a scenario to play. We’re very pleased to say that over 100 of the gamers that played the scenario reported back to us by December 9th with their results. And so to those brave warriors… we salute you!

In our own wargames at the Spartan Games office the Invaders came out ahead, with all nations fighting them and the following battle results obtained:

Kingdom of Britannia: Marginal Success for the Invaders
Prussian Empire: Marginal Success for the Invaders
Federated States of America: Draw
Russian Coalition: Marginal Success for the Russian Coalition
Covenant of Antarctica: Marginal Success for the CoA
Republique of France: Draw
Empire of the Blazing Sun: Crushing Triumph for the Invaders

BLOG NOTE: The Empire of the Blazing Sun game amused us all in the office as our Boss had a truly awful Armoured game and was utterly devastated. It provided much mirth during the Holiday period!

If you look at our world map you will see a broad geographical spread of nations played. We had the following breakdown of entries sent to us:

Federated States of America 39
Prussian Empire 11
Republique of France 15
Covenant of Antarctica 21
Russian Coalition 4
Kingdom of Britannia 16
Empire of the Blazing Sun 9

Overall the Invaders won the most ground around the world, and we’ll be detailing this more in our next Blog post as we roll out a second scenario for you as the Campaign rolls on. High level notes from the results are:

  • Ground forces stand up well to the Invaders
  • Aggressive tactics can work, but you cannot just surge forward
  • Antarctican and Kingdom of Britannia ground forces were the most successful land forces against the Invaders
  • FSA Naval forces scored the most victories against the aliens
  • Many players highlighted how they had to think ‘long and hard’ as they put their forces together

Look out for the next Invaders Blog and download!