First Contact: Invaders Campaign

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First Contact: Invaders Campaign

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The stars are falling from the night skies. All over the world, menacing craft descend from the heavens, disgorging wave after wave of strange alien machines, grim flying engines and towering, tri-legged metal monsters. Who controls them – if indeed they are crewed at all – is a complete mystery.

All attempts at communication with the new arrivals have met with nothing but the total annihilation of the hapless investigators by awesome, incomprehensible weaponry.

With these actions, the ‘Invaders’ have made their intentions crystal clear. They have begun the systematic destruction of all earthly life and human constructions in the vicinity of their landing sites. Now, great and minor powers alike rush to mobilise their armed forces, in desperate attempts to destroy these horrific murder-machines before they can establish themselves in strength!

First Contact: Invaders Campaign [PDF, 300kb]

The Game
With this in mind our worldwide campaign for the ‘Invaders’ begins. As we ourselves begin our games, we ask you to join us in battle. Read the first Scenario, muster your forces and start your battles. We would like you to then report back to us with how your game went.

Letting us know how you do (or how bad you do!) is simple:

• Send an email to
• In the Subject please type: Invaders Scenario 1 Result
• Let us know what Nation took on the Invaders and how both sides did, such as Resounding Victory, Marginal Success, Crushing Triumph and so on
• Let us know where in the world you are
• Please email your result by December 9th 2012

And that is it. We hope you enjoy your games, we know we will, and we’ll collate the results and Blog how the first part of this war for world domination goes.