Firestorm Armada Prize Draw

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Firestorm Armada Prize Draw

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We have a winner!

Spartan Games is pleased to announce that we have our two winners from the Salute Alliance Fleet Guide competition.

The lucky winners are:

Kevin Sparkes
Gavin Townsend

Our winners bought the Firestorm Armada Stormzone: Battle for Valhalla Two Player boxed set at the Salute show on April 12th, entering them into our prize draw.

Well the lucky winners received signed copies of our brand new Kurak Alliance and Zenian League Fleet Guides. These books were the FIRST books off the printing press and have been signed by the design team behind the books!

The Stormzone: Battle for Valhalla boxed set is crammed full of models and printed materials. You get:

Terran Alliance:
1 x Tyrant Class Battleship
3 x Teuton Class Cruisers
4 x Armsmen Class Frigates
4 x Large SRS Tokens and 7mm Dice
4 x Small SRS Tokens and 7mm Dice
1 x Large Research Station

Dindrenzi Federation:
1 x Praetorian Class Battleship
3 x Secutor Class Cruisers
3 x Thraex Class Frigates
2 x Large SRS token 2 Small SRS token

Printed Materials
1 x Hardback Firestorm Rulebook
1 x Missions Booklet
1 x Set of 24 dice
2 x Token Sheets
2 x Asteroids sheet
1 x Templates sheet
2 x Tactical Ability Card Decks