Firestorm Armada Battle Stations

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Firestorm Armada Battle Stations

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To accompany the release of the upcoming Firestorm Armada Version 2.0 Rulebook, we will be giving away brand new ‘Battle Stations’ to customers pre-ordering the new Rulebook from our online store.

Each of the six main factions has a unique, impressively detailed Battle Station model, and by declaring your allegiance when you buy the Rulebook, you can choose the right station to defend your Fleet or home world in battle.

Every surface of these space stations is covered with deadly weaponry – be they mass driver turrets, thermal cannon batteries or hull-searing plasma projectors. Serving as an anchor point to protect the flank of your advancing Fleet or a defensive bastion to blast apart any foe encroaching on your objective points, these Battle Stations are an incredible asset to a Firestorm Admiral.

The Battle Stations will prove particularly invaluable in Planetary Defence scenarios tied to the upcoming release of Planetfall, our 10mm scale ground combat game set in the Firestorm Galaxy. With a shield of Battle Stations supported by clouds of defence drones and orbital weapons platforms, the enemy’s Drop-ships will be blown from the void and their armies butchered before they can even enter the atmosphere!

Numbers are limited on this deal, so grab one while you can….

Terran Alliance Palisade Class Battle Station
Defending worlds, fold space relays and trade stations throughout the Storm Zone and Alliance territory, Palisade Class Battle Stations are a redoubtable bulwark against marauding Corsair Fleets and invading Zenian armadas alike.

Frigate model used to show scale, not included. Measurements in mm.

Bristling with either mass-driver or atomic laser turrets, the Palisade lays down sheets of crippling fire in the face of incoming enemy vessels, whilst its huge reactor powers an all but impenetrable energy shield, deflecting their return fire with ease.

Dindrenzi Federation Bastion Class Battle Station
Whether protecting far flung worlds on the outer reaches of Federation space, or installed in the wake of the Storm Zone invasion to shore up captured territory, the Bastion Class Battle Stations are an essential element of the renowned Dindrenzi Navy.

Corvette model used to show scale, not included. Measurements in mm.

Sharing the heavy, composite plating and high-powered weapon systems that characterise Dindrenzi vessels, these Bastions are an immovable anvil against which retaliatory strikes by Alliance of Kurak forces are dashed.

Directorate Firewall Class Battle Station
Protecting corporate investments across the sector, the Directorate emplace Firewall Class Battle Stations in orbit around their most valuable assets and acquisitions. Often used as both a static defence and a centre of operations, the arrival of a Firewall at a newly ‘pacified’ planet is a sure sign that the Directorate are here to stay.

Drone model used to show scale, not included. Measurements in mm.

With the archetypal Directorate plasma turrets forming its primary armament, the Firewall also houses incredibly advanced cyberwarfare suites, used either for the control and monitoring of a subjugated population or to sow disarray throughout an attacking fleet.

Sorylian Collective Phalanx Class Battle Station
The Sorylian Collective is extremely protective of its territory, and these masters of engineering have poured considerable energies into creating defensive systems to stand sentinel at their borders.

Corvette model used to show scale, not included. Measurements in mm.

The resulting Phalanx Class Battle Station is the perfect shield against invasion. Batteries of titanic thermal cannon cover every angle of approach, and this armoured hulk can absorb the firepower of entire Fleet before cracks begin to show. Stalwart and reliable, a Zenian force will think twice before attacking a system studded with these Stations.

Relthoza Weaver Class Battle Station
Swathed in a nanotech cloaking field and armed with arrays of devastating hydroxide cannons, many an invading force has realised far too late that the undefended Relthoza facility they were attacking is in fact guarded by a deadly Weaver Class Battle Station.

Frigate model used to show scale, not included. Measurements in mm.

Needle sharp shards of frozen water spear through unsuspecting hulls and unleash swarms of omnivorous nanites which consume superstructure and crew in moments, swiftly followed by attack wings of drone craft or fearsome Relthoza boarding parties. Unwary invaders are left with little time to regret their folly.

Aquan Prime Vortex Class Battle Station
Shrouded by energy shielding and domed to deflect incoming weapons fire, the Vortex Class Battle Station trades customary Aquan manoeuvrability for exceptional defences.

Corvette model used to show scale, not included. Measurements in mm.

With weapon irises studding every surface, ready to jet searing death in any direction, there is no safe vector to attack a Vortex. Fully occupied by the laser volleys stabbing from this impenetrable shell, the enemy will be unable to respond as the defending Aquan Fleet darts among them, crippling and incapacitating their vessels.