Feared By All

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Feared By All

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As the great Dindrenzi Invasion Armadas blasted their way into the Tarxon system, scattered amongst their number was a class of ship that was initially unrecognised by Terran scanners. However, within weeks it would become one of the most feared ships in the Dindrenzi fleet.

Despite its impressive size and fearsome appearance, the ship that would earn this reputation was no mere battleship. Whilst the greatest warship may clear the void of enemy presence, it can never win the war – that can only be achieved by taking the battle to the surface of the enemy’s worlds themselves.

Dindrenzi Federation Syracusia Class Invasion Ship

Dindrenzi Federation Syracusia Class Invasion Ship

The Syracusia Class, named after the great transport ship of ancient earth history, is a purpose built craft designed to carry the Dindrenzi Legions unscathed past a planet’s orbital defences and to deploy them straight into the fight.

To this end, the inner length of the ship is given over to a series of huge, armoured pods, each holding thousands of Dindrenzi soldiers and hundreds of vehicles ready and waiting for battle.

In stark contrast the entire bow of the ship is uninhabited, given over to a hugely thick series of armoured plates intended to take the brunt of all incoming fire to assure that the precious cargo makes it to the target. Buried deep in this solid shield, two torpedo rail guns, barely protrude, are ready to clear the way to the drop-zone.

The shadow of the Syracusia is the sight feared above all others by planetary defenders.

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