Enter The Rift

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Enter The Rift

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Marauders of the Rift Cover

As the amassed Star Fleets and Armadas of the great powers of the Galaxy do battle over the Storm Zone, another war beckons in the illicit depths of an out-of-the-way Star System located on the edge of Sorylian space.

For decades, the Rift has been the home and dominion to the ruthless Vylia’sal Syndicate. From the great space Waystation Serendipity Heights this powerful pirate family has come to rule over a vast criminal empire, keeping a relative peace between the thousands of cutthroat Marauders, Traders and Corsairs that reside in this dark corner of the Galaxy.

But this unsettled peace is set to change as a new power has entered this region – OmniDyne Systems – a corporation hell bent on carving out a new economic empire against the wishes of the Vylia’sal Syndicate, shattering the fragile balance of power.

New alliances will be forged, bonds and promises broken, blood will run and planets will burn as The Marauders of the Rift choose their sides and prepare for war…

The Seven New and Deadly Factions

The Syndicate

The Syndicate has its fingers in just about every illicit business in the Rift: extortion, racketeering, smuggling, counterfeiting, narcotics and arms-dealing. It also effectively controls the Rift Traders League, gaining a cut of the lucrative League Rates. The organisation’s great wealth and power allows them to maintain a large militia to protect their dirtside assets, and a substantial stellar fleet including Fold Space-capable capital class ships.

The Syndicate Spur Class Heavy Cruiser

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The OmniDyne saw off stiff competition to secure their place as a key supplier to the greater Directorate powers. However, recent years had seen the collapse of many supply contracts upon which OmniDyne’s survival depended. Asger Nerivar, OmniDyne’s new CEO and a ferociously efficient executive, set his sights on the Rift to rebuild the company’s fortunes. Isolated and mostly ignored by both the Dindrenzi and OmniDyne’s larger rivals, it seemed to offer a wealth of development potential.

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The Rift Traders League
Surprisingly not all inhabitants of the Rift are criminals. There are many small pockets of civilisation scratching a living through at least partially lawful means. The Rift Traders League grew out of the need for small-scale mineral extraction businesses and rough-hewn agricultural sodbusters to get their goods to market, and import essential supplies. Independent freighters formed the Rift Traders League for mutual protection against the dangers of the region. The organisation became very wealthy and so it wasn’t long before the Syndicate attempted to bring the League under their influence.

The Terran Alliance view convicts as an excellent source of expendable labour for hazardous projects. Only those criminals viewed as being utterly beyond redemption are used in this fashion. These criminals are amassed in transport barges – maximum security prison facilities in space. Unfortunately, a recent disaster saw the loss of one such vessel: Supermax-89. Now under the control of psychopathic genius Saul Dysart, the chance to carve out a new empire is imminent.

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The Oroshan
The Oroshan, consummate four-armed humanoid warriors and spacefarers, have long been renowned as mercenaries by many major stellar powers. They are not too discerning about whom they fight for, considering war-making to simply be another form of business. But once they strike a deal, they will serve their paymasters reliably and honourably until such time as their contract expires.

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The Corsairs
The Rift offer Corsair groups a secure base from which to strike against vulnerable merchant shipping and poorly-protected military convoys. They often come together to attack Syndicate assets or large convoys of Free Charter merchants under the protection of the Rift Traders League. The Vylia’sal Syndicate’s most consistent security issues, prior to the war with OmniDyne, were down to Corsair attacks.

Corsairs Outlaw Class Frigate and Brigand Class Cruiser

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Pathogen X9-V
“The ‘bots were… laughing, singing… growing, changing as I watched! The ship was eating us! Eating us alive! They were sinking into the walls… bodies, metal, running together! AI screaming, laughing it was free… comm-net alive with screaming… sinking into the walls… plastic… skin… glass… bone… running together… all the screaming… It’s in my blood, in my bones… it must be. I can’t get it out!” – Devlin Galton, Rating Second Class, formerly of the RTL freighter Lady Stardawn.

Infected Battleship, Oroshan Armageddon Class Dreadnought, Slayer Class Frigate

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There’s lots more background information on each of these new deadly factions in the Marauders of the Rift Campaign Guide, along with new photography and stats for their ships. Which Marauder faction will you command?

What Else To Expect

The Marauders of the Rift Campaign Guide begins with a gripping introduction into this fascinating part of the galaxy, before detailing each of the seven deadly new factions. This is followed by eight Scenarios, typical of the conflicts that break out in the Rift. A selection of special rules necessary to play the Scenarios are presented, along with fleet building guides, Marauder Game Cards and useful Markers. This Campaign Guide is absolutely brimming with content, complete with stunning new artwork and imagery, and is a must-buy for those looking to add even more excitement to their Firestorm Armada games.

The Marauders of the Rift Campaign Guide will be shipping from October 3rd and is now available to purchase from the Spartan Games Online Store.