Dystopian Wars Statistics

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Dystopian Wars Statistics

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This Blog allows players access to the Profiles and Statistics for the Main Nations present within the Dystopian Wars universe and are compatible with the Dystopian Wars 2.0 Game Engine.

These Profiles have been made available as a free download to support the Commodore and Admiral Edition Rulebooks. The documents are in personal Document Format (pdf) to allow for ease of opening.

The contents of these documents are Copyright Spartan Games, but have been made available to our community for personal use only.

These Profiles form part of the ‘Living Statistics’ of the new 2.0 Dystopian Wars game, and as such will be subject to updates over time – Please check our online downloads at www.spartangames.co.uk for the latest version of this document.

1 Kingdom of Britannia 05.29.2014

2 Prussian Empire 05.29.2014

3 Federated States of America 05.29.2014

4 Empire of the Blazing Sun 05.29.2014

5 Covenant of Antarctica 05.29.2014

6 Republique of France 05.29.2014

7 Russian Coalition 05.29.2014

With a copy of the Admiral or Commodore Edition Core Rules and these ORBATS, players are free to conquer in the name of their chosen nation, sweeping all before them in a surge to dominate a world shrouded in the Dystopian Age.

Have Fun!