Dystopian Wars Fleet Guide PDFs

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Dystopian Wars Fleet Guide PDFs

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Dystopian Wars Fleet GuidesOver recent months we have rolled out a number of exciting Alliance Fleets for Dystopian Wars, our Victorian super science fiction tabletop game. The following PDF documents will provide you with an invaluable resource of information for these fleets, including background text, nation specific rules and MARs and statistics for the exciting models available for you to buy.

Over the coming months this will be expanded to feature all of our core nations, including the Empire of the Blazing Sun, Federated States of America, Prussian Empire, Republique of France, Covenant of Antarctica and Kingdom of Britannia. The first of these documents, the Russian Coalition, is available now by following its download on this page.

Moving forward, the documents you find in our Downloads Section will form the definitive guide to the nations of Dystopian Wars and we recommend you download the PDFs to give you access to the very latest rules and model statistics for your nation.

click on the linked title below to download a PDF of the nation’s Fleet Guide (including statistics):

Australia – a harsh land, home to some of the hardiest fighting men and women of the Dystopian World. Divided decades ago by civil war, this wild continent is shared by two powers: the Royal Australians and the Free Australian Commonwealth.
[PDF, 2MB] – 27-June-2013
As the World War rages, a new giant awakens in the Far East – the forces of the Chinese Federation arise to take a stand against those who would violate its territory.
[PDF, 1.5MB] – 27-June-2013
The League of Italian States has a long tradition of naval power, and the warships fighting under its flag in the Sturginium Age are some of the finest vessels afloat. Despite their ornate decoration they are a fast and deadly opponent to face in battle.
[PDF, 2MB] – 27-June-2013
Standing at the crossroads of three continents has left the Ottoman Empire surrounded by hostile powers on all sides. As the fires of war encroach upon his Dominions, the Sultan has mustered fleets of elegant warships and ingenious flying engines to crush his enemies.
[PDF, 2.5MB] – 27-June-2013
This Russian Coalition Fleet Guide contains background to this fascinating nation and the latest version of the rules and model statistics that you will need to play. Please note: this PDF supersedes the printed PDF that formerly shipped with the Russian Coalition boxed sets. Last updated May 2013. Click the link to download the PDF.

You can also click here to purchase printed versions of the Fleet Guides from our Online Store.