Dystopian Wars Book Deal

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Dystopian Wars Book Deal

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Winter has always been a time for launching surprise attacks on an unsuspecting enemy. So to help you kick start your 2014 gaming with a new Dystopian Wars Campaign we’ve put together a cracking deal for you:

Storm of Steel Campaign Book


Operation: Sirocco Campaign Book


Dystopian Wars 1.1 Core Rulebook

Until the 31st of January we will be running a special Mail Order only deal that will let you buy all three books for only £40

Saving yourself £25 off the RRP!

Buy ALL 3 and save £25

Dystopian Wars Version 1.1 Rulebook

This full colour book contains all of the rules you need to play a game of Dystopian Wars. The game engine covers ground, air and sea combat and allows you to combine all three theatres of war into one monumental game.

Amass your Victorian Science Fiction inspired armies and lead them to war; choosing from one of the main core nations or various alliance nations, such as the Prussian Empire, Kingdom of Britannia, Federated States of America, Empire of the Blazing Sun, League of Italian States, Republique of France, Russian Coalition, Chinese Federation, Ottoman Empire and more!!

100s of stunning, highly detailed models are at your command and the 1.1 rulebook engine brings them all together…

Dystopian Wars Storm Of Steel

Invasion and retaliation shake the great powers and their allies as the World War explodes in Northern Europe! Storm of Steel is the second Campaign Guide for Dystopian Wars and within its pages we massively develop the history of the world, play out military campaigns, expand on the great commanders of the period, offer exciting scenarios and provide new game rules to enhance the current rule set. It is a must for all military commanders.

Key protagonists in this book include the Republique of France, Kingdom of Britannia, Prussian Empire and Russian Coalition. So if the idea of fighting a Second Waterloo using Victorian Sci-Fi models appeals – this is the book for you!

Dystopian Wars Operation Sirocco

Taking you to the conflict hotting up in North Africa, Operation: Sirocco is full of action packed scenarios and an in depth background story, setting the scene for you to join the fight and win glory for your Nation.

Operation: Sirocco also contains the FULL rules for Dystopian Wars Armoured Clash.

Armoured Clash makes battles between enormous Brigades of Tanks, Land Ships and many other ground combat models of the Dystopian World faster and deadlier. This new system allows you to easily play out the most titanic engagements, such as those featured in Operation: Sirocco.

Don’t miss you chance to take advantage of this amazing deal; follow the link below to grab your Rulebook and Campaign Guides and leap into the action.

Dystopian Wars Book Special Offer