Dystopian Updates Go Live

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Dystopian Updates Go Live

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Earlier this month, on the 18th of February, we posted a blog article outlining the plans we have for Dystopian Wars over the first part of 2016.

Two of the key goals in our plan were to get a new FAQ online, and to update the Alliance Nation Orders of Battle (ORBATs) in batches.

In January the first of these ORBATS were completed and posted online, including the Free and Royal Australians, the Honourable Eclipse Company, and the East India Merchant Company. These updated ORBATs are currently available from the ‘Downloads’ section of the Spartan Games Website.

The newest batch of ORBATs completed has just gone online, and is now available for download. This round includes updates to the Black Wolf Company, the Chinese Federation and the Ottoman Empire. The latest ORBATs bring these Alliance Nations into line with the most recent round of updates from last year to the Core Nations.

We have aimed to retain the flavour of each nation, by supporting and increasing the synergies that exist between the available Squadrons, as well as the addition of some fun Specialised Group Squadrons, and Commodore Doctrines. We think there are some really fun and interesting armies that can be built from these, and we hope you have a great time finding which army best suits you!

The range of fleets and the strengths and weaknesses of each fleet is one of the things we are most proud of in Dystopian Wars. No two fleets play the same, and finding strong combinations and achieving them on the gaming table is a huge part of the fun and challenge. From the Black Wolf with their tough and capable vessels, able to protect themselves with dilation fields, to the sturdy Chinese, who relish flame and corrosion, to the Separatist and Traditionalist Ottomans, with their mastery of storm templates and ability to manipulate mines. Each of the newly updated nations has powerful synergies that can be created between squadrons, we look forward to reading your battle reports and army lists in our forums!


Alongside each of these updated ORBATs we have also been working hard to bring you the backgrounds and histories of each force. If you look in the Downloads Section of our website, you will see background files for the Australians (Royal and Free), the Honourable Eclipse Company, the East India Merchant Company, the Black Wolf Company, the Chinese Federation and the Ottomans (Traditionalist and Separatists).

Gamers have been asking us for more detail on the rich and varied world of Dystopian Wars for a while now, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer these documents as free downloads. Rest assured, there will be more on the way!

In our Plan for Dystopian Wars blog post we stated that one of our goals was to get the FAQ for Dystopian Wars online, and it is now currently available in the Downloads Section.

The FAQ is designed to clarify any rules that can be misinterpreted, answer the most commonly asked questions, and cover any rules issues we didn’t foresee when originally writing Dystopian Wars 2.0. The answers, clarifications and rules in the FAQ should be regarded as the official rules. If you have any questions about the rules of Dystopian Wars that are still unanswered, head to our forums and post in the ‘Rules Questions’ section, if a member of Spartan Games doesn’t answer your question quickly, the huge number of passionate and friendly Dystopian Wars forum members will!

But our work is far from over, indeed it is just beginning. We still have a number of Alliance Nations to refine and post, the next batch will include the League of Italian States, the Kingdom of Denmark and the Polish and Lithuanian Commonwealth. Alongside these will go up downloadable PDFs covering the history of each of these Alliance Nations. As well as this, we will be posting general background material for the world of Dystopian Wars, and the histories of all Core Nations.

We are also continuing to work on the other goals outlined in the blog we posted on the 18th of February.

Lastly, we hope to be able to bring you even more Dystopian Wars related content on our blog over the coming months, so keep your weather eye open!