Dystopian Empires Kickstarter!

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Dystopian Empires Kickstarter!

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Welcome to the ultimate fusion of man and machine, welcome to the Dystopian Empires Kickstarter from Spartan Games.

Towards the end of October 2016, we are launching a Kickstarter campaign to bring you a wargaming tour de force, a tabletop experience that blends intuitive and sophisticated rules with stunningly detailed 1/100th scale miniatures and then delivers it all directly into the established Dystopian World that Spartan Games first created back in 2010.

Building upon this exciting and expansive world, which brings Victorian Super-Science Fiction to life for you, Dystopian Empires will utilise the fantastic scale of 1/100th to truly bring together man and machine warfare in a way never experienced until now! Tanks, Robots, Flyers, Steam-powered Bikes, Mechanical Infantry, Jetpack Cavalry – the list just goes on…

Launching with four of the most powerful Dystopian nations, Kingdom of Britannia, Prussian Empire, Empire of the Blazing Sun and Federated States of America, we are hugely excited to be developing a new breed of warfare for your Dystopian tabletops. With a world war raging around you, it will be your task to command Battles Forces of brave soldiers and fantastic mechanical weapons of war as you fight for ultimate victory.

Dystopian Empires will work on the premise of what we call Combat Sections and Battle Sections, which will be the simplest building blocks of the game. Within these Sections you will assign units of basic infantrymen, elite troops, flyers, small, medium and large vehicles and much more. At the higher formation level, these Sections are formed into a massed army known as a Force which constitutes all the infantry, tanks, aircraft and characters you have chosen to field in battle!

In charge will be your Battlefield Commander, the personality you hope will bring you victory amongst the carnage of the battlefield. Your Commander must navigate the battlefield fog of war using our cool Battle Chit System, carefully mustering their forces and utilising off-table resources to their advantage. Draw upon the prowess of your Commander to help defeat your enemies… before they defeat you!

Man or Machine or Both?

Dystopian Empires will bring together foot soldiers with the technological marvels of the Dystopian Age, and as such the game is being designed from the ground up to support all styles of gameplay. A player can elect to go all out and field a massive infantry-led force, or choose to field a mechanical heavy force, or build the perfectly balanced fusion of the two. No matter what the choice, it will all be supported in the core rules.

The planned 2-Player Starter Sets draw together a wealth of unit types, ranging from Basic Riflemen to Specialist Weapon Troops to Light Tanks and even flying Cavalry! Your famous (or infamous!) Battlefield Commander, of which there will be numerous to choose from, will additionally deliver you access to Aircraft, Artillery and other off-table assets. Aircraft will be used as a standard game mechanic, meaning that our Spartan Shadow Templates can be used to simulate their use on the gaming table. This is exciting for players because they have access to them literally out of the box, but don’t worry – we’ll also make fantastic aerial models for those players who want to take their gaming experience to dizzy new heights!

We can’t wait for you to join us on our new battlefield. One of the most exciting things about Dystopian Empires is the sheer scale of opportunity open to the game. The global nature of the Dystopian conflict opens up a myriad of protagonists and campaign settings. From the battlefields of Europe to the islands of the Pacific to the barren wastes of Siberia, numerous campaign settings will be able to deliver almost limitless potential!

Along with the game and rules we will develop a large range of exciting 1/100th scale scenery, catering for roads, rivers, walls, bunkers, houses and much, much more. Making sure the world for you in this scale will be as exciting as making the game itself.

Look out for more exciting articles from us as we discuss our rules and models in the lead up to our exciting Dystopian Empires Kickstarter Campaign at the end of October.

So just to recap what the Campaign will enable us to develop for you:

·    Stunningly detailed ‘15mm scale’ miniatures
·    A fast paced, dynamic rule system
·    Flexible army building – play ANY size game you want
·    Unique Command & Control engine
·    Builds on an established ‘world’ setting
·    Exciting Campaign Settings
·    Huge growth potential – many amazing nations can be added to the game
·    Built from the ground up for organised play
…and much, much more!