Dawn Attack

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Dawn Attack

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We have been enjoying some great games of Dystopian Legions recently, with our tabletop counterparts leading their forces in acts of cinematic combat… and getting killed in fairly spectacular ways at the same time!

We have put together four superb Mega Bundles so that you can very quickly dive straight into the action. Each Mega Bundle is themed around a force of deadly troops and their commanding Officer. Here’s a little background to help you to expand your own games or to use as inspiration for creating your own storylines.

The early morning mist creeped slowly through the trees as the Prussian Grenadiers of the 44th prepared to advance. They had been tasked with clearing the woods in preparation for an armoured assault on the town of Tarnow to the east.

Assembling his troops for the morning assault Lieutenant Von Hallman was confident: he had the best soldiers in the Regiment at his disposal and his battle plan was solid. If the mist held he would have the perfect cover for the advance.

Prussian Empire Mega Bundle

Prussian Empire Mega Bundle

The Sergeants had all been briefed on what their Section’s roles would be and they set about directing the forces with practiced ease. Von Hallman could picture the assault as clearly as it had been laid out in the planning room. The Grenadier Section, under the watchful eye of Sergeant Dorfmann, would fan out and advance steadily through the tree line, up to the outskirts of the defences, with Sergeant Fleischer’s Landwehr taking the flank and providing covering fire for the final assault.

Part of the Regiment’s reconnaissance unit had been seconded to Von Hallman for this mission and he was glad of their assistance. The two Kettenkarre Tankettes armed with heavy Maschinengewehr would secure the right flank and act as an advance warning to Von Hallman if the FSA made a counter attack.

As his troops reached the outskirts of the wood the Grenadiers started taking incoming fire – the Federal Infantry had spotted their advance. It was now or never. Seizing the initiative Von Hallman gave the order to attack.

The Landwehr off on the left flank began firing into the nearby bunker, suppressing the enemy inside. The Landwehr Marksmen made good use of his Tankgewehr Model 1868 Anti-Ironclad Rifle to rip a hole in the side of an advancing Patriot APC. This gave the Grenadiers the perfect opportunity to advance. Firing as they moved, deadly volleys ripped into the enemy as they tried to man their defences, the Vierling of the Grenadier Specialist adding its heavy firepower to the destructive capabilities of the squad. Von Hallman saw a Grenadier go down and watched as one of the Regimental Medical Officers in an inspiring and reassuring act of bravery, ran into the fire-fight to staunch the flow of blood from the bullet wound in the Grenadier’s chest.

As the Grenadiers reached the outskirts of the town the Kettenkarre’s moved in from the flank, their machine guns blazing and cutting down the Federal Infantry with ease, funneling them into the fire of the Grenadiers.

A dull and rhythmic pounding sounded from behind Von Hallman. Turning to face the new noise he could just make out three hulking shapes emerging from the woodland. As the shapes advanced through the mist Von Hallman’s heart skipped a beat. Teutonic Knights! The Order had sent a Blade of Armsmen to aid in the assault, their Maschinengewehr ’71’s pouring fire into the despairing Federal Forces, the electric blast of the Armsmen Specialist’s M4 Schocklanze turning their defences to rubble.

This renewed onslaught was too much for the Federal troops to bear. They began falling back in disarray, leaving Von Hallman and his forces to secure the woods. Von Hallman was proud of his men: they had achieved their objective with minimal casualties, and the way was clear for the armoured assault on the town.

This Mega Bundle gives you a fighting force of 180 points – ready to arrive on the tabletop and battle for supremacy:

1 x Tier 3 Officer with Reichsrevolver

7 x Grenadiers with M69 Rifles
1 x Grenadier Sergeant with M69 Rifle
1 x Grenadier Specialist with Vierling
1 x Medic

5 x Landwehr Infantry with M48 Rifles
1 x Landwehr Infantry Sergeant with M48 Rifle
1 x Landwehr Specialist with Anti-Ironclad Rifle

2 x Teutonic Knight Armsman with MG71’s
1 x Teutonic Armsman Specialist with Schocklanze

2 x Kettenkarre Tankettes

1 x Acrylic Command Points Token Sheet
1 x Acrylic Range Band Measure

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