Danger Awaits

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Danger Awaits

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Following yesterday’s blog about the forces of the Dindrenzi Federation, we present the Patrol Fleet box set of their bitterest enemies – the Terran Alliance.

In these fleets, the renowned Apollo Class Battleship is accompanied by two hull designs fresh from space-docks across Satellite Charter territory – the Teuton Class Cruiser and the Armsman Class Frigate, along with the necessary components to outfit one of the Cruisers as a Hauberk Class Heavy Cruiser if required.

Patrol Fleet

Protected by high-tech energy shielding, every vessel in this Fleet can advance undaunted in the face of the heaviest bombardment, shrugging aside slugs and plasma bursts without pause. The Fleet’s extraordinary resilience makes the tactics which Terran Admirals need to learn simple and direct.

Grinding their way forward, firing deadly torpedoes at distant enemies and deflecting ordnance with their shielding, the Fleet can easily reach optimal firing range without sustaining enough damage to meaningfully impact their firepower.

Once in range, the ships swing to present their powerful broadside batteries to the enemy, supplementing the flexible mass-driver turrets that crown the largest Terran vessels. Blistering volleys tear through enemy hulls, whilst the Fleet’s ships remain steadfast and redoubtable regardless of whatever weaponry the enemy fires their way.

Should this devastating bombardment prove insufficient to put the enemy ships to flight, the unrivalled destruction offered by the infamous nuclear weaponry which the larger vessels employ will incinerate whole Squadrons at close range. Faced with nuclear annihilation, the battered and demoralised enemy will soon regret their decision to stand against the Terran Alliance.

Apollo Class Battleship

The Apollo Class Battleship is a familiar and welcome sight to the members of the Alliance of Kurak. Each flank mounts a row of deadly mass drivers or atomic laser batteries, the monumental dorsal turrets can hurl crushing fire in any direction and there is not an enemy in the sector which does not know and fear and deadly power of its ‘Pilum’ launchers and their nuclear warheads. A combination of layered energy shielding, reinforced bulkheads and toughened armour protects these weapons from enemy fire, allowing them to keep functioning effectively even if the Apollo itself sustains heavy damage.

Teuton Class Cruiser

The Teuton Cruisers supporting the fearsome Apollo are highly flexible in design, allowing a Terran Admiral to select how they want their vessels to fight. Internal space can be given over to fuel and thruster power, driving the vessels through space at higher speeds. Additional layers of shielding can be generated, keeping the vessel better protected as it closes on the enemy. Alternatively, system redundancies, strengthened bulkheads and internal protection can be introduced to keep the vessel fighting, long after a similar ship would have been reduced to a debris cloud.

Armsmen Class Frigate

Finally, the latest in the series of notorious Terran Frigates joins the Fleet. Armed with long feared torpedo systems, a Squadron of Armsman Frigates poses a significant threat to even the largest enemy ships, once their defensive systems have been ground away. Furthermore, the combination of tough armour, advanced shields and extreme range keeps these vessels safe from retaliation. Then, should the enemy attempt to hunt down these deadly killers with light forces, their familiar broadside armament will make them pay dearly for their prize.

Hauberk Class Heavy Cruiser

Above is pictured a Hauberk Class Heavy Cruiser. Diverting some of the reactor power which would fuel the engines in a Teuton hull to a formidable array of mass driver weaponry, the Hauberk is amongst the most dangerous brawling vessels in the galaxy. Even a single Heavy Cruiser, flanked by reliable Teutons, can amass enough firepower stop the enemy’s flagship in its tracks.

A full Fleet of vessels which can fight on through the heaviest fire and emerge triumphant, the might of the Terran Alliance is as sure and inexorable as a glacier.