Commodore, Template Set!

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Commodore, Template Set!

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It’s the perfect time to place your next order in the Spartan Games Online Store as we make three special items available for you to add to your collections – the elusive Russian Coalition Fleet Commodore, a new Russian Coalition Veliky Class Escort and the much asked for Dystopian Wars Turning Template Set.

FREE Russian Coalition Fleet Commodore with Every Russian Coalition Order

Want to get hold of the rare Russian Fleet Commodore model that was only released in limited numbers at Gen Con last year? Now is your last chance!


The Russian Fleet Commodore comes FREE with any order in the Spartan Games Online Store that includes a Russian Coalition boxed set or blister. This offer is limited to one Russian Fleet Commodore per eligible order and will remain active until stocks are depleted.

You can learn more about the military prowess of Russian Commodore Dimitri Petrovich by reading this blog entry.

Speaking of the Russian Coalition, we have listened to the Spartan Games Community and created a new model to represent the Russian Coalition Veliky Class Escort. The curious circular hull affords it unmatched manoeuvrability, and it’s powerful main turret and Ack Ack batteries will help protect your largest ships from enemy fire. It’s available now from our Parts Service, and don’t forget that this model qualifies for the FREE Russian Fleet Commodore!

You can add the new Russian Coalition Veliky Class Escort to your collection by heading to the Spartan Games Online Store Parts Service where they are available individually at the special price of £1.50.

Dystopian Wars Turning Template Set Now Available!


The highly sought-after Dystopian Wars Turning Template Set has today been made available to buy for the first time ever. The set is available now from the Spartan Games Online Store at a price of £10, but you can pick it up for FREE if you spend £85 or more on your next order.

In order to get the Dystopian Wars Turning Template Set for FREE, ensure there is £85 worth of product in your basket (before shipping costs are applied) and enter ‘FREE Dystopian Wars Turning Template Set’ in the Comments section during the checkout part of your purchase. This promotion will be ending on Wednesday 27th March 2013 so be sure to act quickly if you want to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.