Command The Skies!

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Command The Skies!

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With the arrival of the Small Flyers for each nation, you now have the ability to field an aerial-only game as Small, Medium and Large Flyers destroy the enemy below them. So imagine the scene as wave after wave of Victorian science fiction flying machines battle each other for supremacy in the smog ridden skies. Better yet, why not head on over to the Spartan Games Online Store and purchase one of our newly released Aerial Battle Group Bundles?

The NEW Aerial Battle Groups - Now Available

The NEW Aerial Battle Group Bundles - Now Available

A selection of Kingdom of Britannia and Covenant of Antarctica aerial models

Kingdom of Britannia vs. Covenant of Antarctica

So what do you get in the new Aerial Battle Group Bundles? What will you be unleashing upon your enemies?

Prussian Empire 

1 x Gewitterwolke Class Airship

8 x Pflicht Class Scoutship

3 x Jager Class Small Airship

Kingdom of Britannia 

1 x Eagle Class War Rotor

6 x Hawk Class Scout Rotor

6 x Merlin Class Light Interceptor

Empire of the Blazing Sun 

1 x Tsukuyomi Class War Gyro

6 x Inari Class Scout Gyro

3 x Tetsubo Class Small Flyer

Republique of France 

1 x Tourbillon Class Large Airship

6 x Furieux Class Scoutship

9 x Frelon Class Small Flyer

Covenant of Antarctica 

1 x Daedalus Class Large Flyer

6 x Icarus Class Medium Flyer

6 x Pytheus Class Small Flyer

Federated States of America 

1 x Valley Class Airship

4 x Lee Class Scoutship

2 x John Henry Class Robot

6 x Freedom Class Small Flying Robot

Click here to buy your Aerial Battle Group

Please note that each of the Aerial Battle Group Bundles ship without retail packaging. The bundles are a special offering from the Spartan Games Online Store. The models within the Aerial Battle Group Bundles are available to purchase from any good gaming retailer.