Captains of Renown: Thevan Phoskis

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Captains of Renown: Thevan Phoskis

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Thevan Phoskis

Thevan Phoskis

Thevan Phoskis was once one of the most powerful mages of Queen Frea Yaldoran’s Council. A primary architect of the Northern and Golden Spires, Lord Phoskis was instrumental in controlling the arcane energies being harnessed and focused by the Spires during the Trial which rose Queen Frea to her throne. Having abandoned the weakened faction of King Sonnekhet decades before his final collapse, Mage Lord Phoskis was poised to become one of the most influential elves in the entire Kingdom of Thaniras.

However, the upper echelons of elven society are treacherous. The bloodthirsty reputation of the elves, the dark and brooding name they have earned over many centuries, always finds its most flagrant outlets in the bickering between the Subiran. Phoskis, a distant cousin of the Canthus Subiran, was forever forced to prove himself to his Selethian compatriots. Acceptance was elusive, and the frustrations of the young wizard mounted with each passing season.

An instinctive understanding of magical power transference and arcane ritual were not enough to offset a natural inclination towards naval command and a vigorous and brash personality. As Phoskis rose in the ranks of first King Sonnekhet, and then Queen Frea, the resistance to his rise and influence became more and more entrenched. His enemies were far more gifted in the time-honoured elven traditions of subterfuge and clandestine discouragement. Standing beside the Queen as she underwent the Trial and establishing her possession of the Divine Grace of the Elements, Phoskis believed that he had successfully navigated through the many obstacles his shadowy enemies had placed in his path. Sadly, his own trial was only beginning.

In the months after Yaldoran’s ascension there was an understandable redistribution of influence and power among the elites of Thaniras. Given his integral participation in the establishing of the new Queen, Phoskis believed he would be named Custodian of one of the Great Spires, or given the task of designing the new array of Spires being planned along the Ice Mountains. Instead, during the elaborate ceremonies of investiture, Thevan Phoskis of the Canthus, Lord of the Shebi Wastes, was ordered to return to the Gulf of Souls and await further instructions. The Queen’s voice was imperious, her manner haughty, and there was no avoiding the well-concealed smirks of his enemies as his sentence of exile was passed before the entire kingdom.

Phoskis marshalled what dignity he could and swept from the Palace of Lethrenn, his diminished train of followers and servants following silently behind. The long journey back to his home was silent, the mage lord refused to allow any of his retainers to comfort him in any way. Despite all of his accomplishments, his labours on behalf of the Queen, and the warmth and camaraderie of her inner circle, he had been cast out. The lowly status of a family he was only nominally connected to had built a divide between him and the ruling elite, and they had thrown him down rather than see him working by their side.

During that trek a bitter anger grew in the heart of the aging mage. His mind turned down dark paths as he contemplated various ways he could force the arrogant rulers of the Thaniras to acknowledge his worth. No elf alive better understood the workings of the Spires, and his aid had been essential in the development of the offensive orbs now being fitted to the Canthus and Lethrenn fleets. An orb of sufficient power, placed within the interstices of a charging Spire, would cause a catastrophic energy backlash that would devastate the landscape for miles around, killing every living creature within sight of the Spire. The thought of such destruction twisted his thin lips into a sneer of pleasure, and around him his servants relaxed, misunderstanding this change for dawning acceptance of his new station.

However, when Phoskis finally arrived at his family’s seat of Suten Hamu, he had calmed. He had no desire to see his name vilified in posterity, better to fade into obscurity than have his name be a curse word for centuries to come. But this meant that revenge could never be his, for within the straight confines of the Kingdom of Thaniras, the Queen’s word was law and commandment. And the Queen had spoken. The chance of her capricious majesty changing her mind, of her recalling her closest advisor and most gifted mage, were good. Yet such chances were of no comfort to an elf so recently and publicly humiliated. Phoskis took to brooding in the tallest tower of his family’s keep, watching out over the Gulf of Souls and the fleets being built and tested there.

Word of the New World and its wonders and opportunities was only just reaching the Kingdom at that time. The docks of Suten Hamu buzzed with rumours and stories of the strange lands and peoples across the Boiling Sea. With each passing month fleets were being dispatched by the lords of the Canthus and Lethrenn under the disinterested aegis of their distant queen. All of Frea Yaldoran’s energy was focused on the rising Spires and the Great Experiment to which Phoskis had contributed so much. And yet, within each tale of the New World, the mage heard whispers of arcane power and celestial authority, the likes of which the Golden Council had never dreamed. A fresh horizon had been opened to the Elves of Thaniras, perhaps containing the path that Thevan Phoskis had sought for so long.

Thaniras Elves

Thaniras Elves

The famous mage emerged from his self-imposed isolation and began to re-establish his ties to the Canthus fleets from his boyhood training. At first his reputation as one of the Queen’s inner circle, despite the evidence to the contrary, was a barrier to his acceptance within the officer corps of the fleet. However, very soon the practical elves of the fleet were reminded of his earliest successes and aptitudes, and he was taken into the protective and insular fold of the fleet’s high command.

It was not long after he emerged from his tower that Phoskis was granted command of a Griffon Class Heavy Cruiser in the first official armada launched into the Uncharted Seas. He was instrumental in a string of defeats visited upon the Dragon Lords, and rose quickly when a large portion of the fleet was captured and destroyed off Arbon in the third year of their expedition. It was not long before Captain-Mage Phoskis, from the bridge of his Phoenix Battleship, ‘Celestial Dawn’, commanded one of the largest Thaniras fleets in the New World. Queen Frea – still taking only the vaguest interest in the barbaric frontiers of the New World – was content to have an elf she thought she new well in command, and allowed him to retain his position through inertia and complacency more than through any real sense of trust.

And this could well spell the Queen’s undoing, for Captain-Mage Thevan Phoskis has been far busier in the New World than even the Queen’s most suspicious advisors understand. Using his position within the fleets, Phoskis has had his squadrons scouring the Broad Blue for magical artefacts from countless cultures. Somewhere within the Shrouded Isles Phoskis is building an edifice. Whether a palace from which to declare an independent elven kingdom, or a Spire to master all of the Spires in the Old World, it is not known, but his commitment to this project is total, and he will allow nothing to get in his way.

Captain-Mage Thevan Phoskis in games of Uncharted Seas:

In any game where the players have agreed to allow the use of Captains of Renown, any Thaniras Elf fleet may field Thevan Phoskis as their Admiral. He must be assigned to the largest-sized ship in the fleet and will not serve on anything smaller than a Cruiser. If there are several ships that share the largest Size category, the player may choose which ship will carry the Admiral to battle.

Captain-Mage Thevan Phoskis in Battle:

Thevan Phoskis conveys the following special abilities upon his fleet:

ANY time an opponent attempts to use a Counter Card to dispel a Magic Card being cast from the Captain-Mage’s ship, the Thaniras Elves player rolls a D6. On the result of a 4, 5 or 6, the Magic Card is NOT dispelled and the Counter Card is returned to its owner’s Hand. On any other result the Counter Card works as normal.

The Cost of Greatness:

It will cost nothing to field Captain-Mage Phoskis in any suitable game during the Cauldron of Silence campaign. However, in any other game, the Captain-Mage adds 30 points to the cost of whatever ship he is assigned to for MFV, Fleet Composition and Victory Points purposes.