Captains of Renown: Garrik Arkos

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Captains of Renown: Garrik Arkos

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Imperial Humans

Imperial Humans

Garrik Arkos was born the heir apparent to the Arkos Islands over 40 years ago. Growing up within the palace of Arkruden, he was raised to rule over the scattered island territories of that ancient, noble line. As part of his righteous upbringing he was expected to serve in several capacities under military advisors, learning martial skills deemed imperative for every noble son to master. As a very young man, he served in the Arkosian army as a page on the general staff. He performed ably, if not with any special distinction, for his full year of service. After several more years of schooling, however, his life was forever changed with his deployment, with the rank of midshipman, to the naval fleets of Arkos.

Named after a long pike-like weapon, out of favour with the Imperial ground forces for several decades but still in service with ceremonial units, many felt that Garrik’s name was meant as a threat to the other powerful families; in particular the Corvinus who were beginning to solidify their influence within the Imperial City. Garrik’s father, it was whispered, intended for his son to be like a spear launched at the ambitions of the Corvinus. If this was the case, however, his cast was sadly off the mark.

As the scion of Arkos grew up to be a strong independent young man, his family continued to assert their power within the Imperial Council, forcing their political enemies into continuously weaker positions. However, Garrik’s family, holding established relationships with both the Corvinus and their bitter political rivals, the Tepes, found themselves unwillingly in the centre of the conflict. Decades of good faith and positive interaction were sacrificed upon the altar of political expediency, and the Arkos were forced by the Corvinus to publicly denounce their ties to the Tepes to maintain their own position within the Council. Joint naval squadrons were broken up into their familiar units, and the Tepes ships returned to their home ports, bitter at the betrayal.

Imperial Humans

Imperial Humans

Garrik was serving aboard an ancient Kestrel Destroyer. It was during his second year of naval duty that the order was received to divide from the Tepes ships. The Arkos fleets had bonded over the years of joint service, and there was much grumbling and frustration at this move. It was the perception of the Arkos military men that they were being forced to abandon their companions for some vague political advantage in the Imperial City far away. An impressionable youth, Garrik agreed wholeheartedly, and saw the move as a cynical play by his father to cozen up to a former enemy at the expensive of a tried and true friend. An inevitable division between father and son had been set in motion, and the entire noble family would shake for it.

The young Arkos heir had taken to naval service as he had taken to nothing else in his life. He loved the ships, the men who served on them, and the sea. As the first year passed he spent less time in Arkruden, volunteering to spend more of his time at sea. The officers in charge of his training were impressed with Garrik’s intelligence and the easy charisma his noble upbringing lent to his interactions with the men. His quick mind grasped the many variables of naval strategy and tactics naturally, and he rose quickly within the ranks of the service due to these skills and abilities and, largely, not due to connections to his father.

As his naval service continued, first with command of a Falcon Frigate and soon an entire squadron, Garrik found his father growing more and more frustrated with his absent son. Repeated demands that he put aside his naval service and return to Arkruden were ignored, and tensions continued to grow between the two men. At the age of twenty-five, with eight years of service behind him and the loyalty of nearly the entire Arkosian fleet his to command, Garrik was dealt a savage blow when Jochen Saranic of the Corvinus seized control of the Imperial Council and tightened his grip on the human domains. The Arkos family was forced to swear fealty along with the rest of the families, except the Tepes, who had been forced out of power within the Council completely.

Garrik was summoned to the Imperial City to bend the knee with his father, but the letter instructing him to leave his squadron was reported lost during the journey. The young captain had seen this as the pivotal moment of his life. To return to the mainland, to bend the knee to a power-hungry madman who had ever been the bane of his own family’s ambitions, was to forever tie his life to men he hated and could never admire, and to turn his back on the one thing that he had ever truly loved; the sea.

The son of Arkos used his influence within the chain of command to assemble a large fleet, primarily loyal to his family, and sailed across the Boiling Sea. He had woven a web of confusion and misdirection around his actions so deep that it was forever unclear as to whose orders he was following, or if, indeed, he had just conducted the single grandest act of piracy the Imperial State had ever known. However, Garrik continued to issue reports back to his father and the Overlord, and persisted to act as an honourable representative of the State, giving no reason for a formal reprimand or censure.

His father, secretly relieved to have his eldest son removed from the political arena for innumerable reasons, began to groom his younger son Casomir to follow him. Garrik made no attempt to interfere. Upon his arrival in the New World, Garrik made it his duty to extend the influence and power of the Imperial State into the Uncharted Seas. He was to do this in the face of the countless established races and factions already there, including the burgeoning demesnes of the Tepes family. His tactical genius has been the difference between victory and defeat on many occasions, and he has never given anyone in the Old World reason to question his loyalty. It is whispered, however, that he does not confront the Tepes nearly as diligently as he should, and he has not yet led a single major fleet action against the renegade nobles.

Captain Garrik Arkos in games of Uncharted Seas:

In any game where the players have agreed to allow the use of Captains of Renown, any Imperial Humans fleet may field Garrik Arkos as their Admiral. He must be assigned to the largest-sized ship in the fleet and will not serve on anything smaller than a Cruiser. If there are several ships that share the largest Size category, the player may choose which ship will carry the Admiral to battle.

Garrik Arkos in Battle:

Captain Garrik conveys the following special abilities upon his fleet: After deployment but before rolling Initiative for Turn One, the player fielding Captain Garrik may redeploy 1D3 Squadrons. One of these may be deployed up to 6” beyond the limits of the regular Deployment Zone, but the rest must be placed normally. In games where the fleet starts off the board, the player fielding Captain Garrik may opt to start 1D3 of his Squadrons on the board, within 8” of any table edge he would be able to enter from normally, if he wishes. If the players would normally have to roll randomly for what edges the ships might appear on, only a single roll must be made for all Squadrons deployed in this way.

The Cost of Greatness:

It will cost nothing to field Captain Garrick in any suitable game during the Cauldron of Silence campaign. However, in any other game, Captain Garrik adds 30 points to cost of whatever ship he is assigned to for MFV, Fleet Composition and Victory Points purposes.