Cadre Tallur Melkharn

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Cadre Tallur Melkharn

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Feared and famed across the Uncharted Seas for their uncompromising ferocity, the Battle Fleet of Cadre Tallur Melkharn is ready to send the enemies of the Dragon Lords to the depths – be they upstart invaders, rebellious vassals or ancient foes.

The NEW Dragon Lord Battle Fleet

Hailing from the ports of Garran on the shores of Principia, the southern waters have been kept firmly in the iron grip of House Melkharn for many years by the unceasing vigilance of Cadre Tallur and his bold fleet. From the lofty bridge of the Guardian Star, his Midnight Class Flagship, Tullur has watched the vessels of countless trespassers reduced to kindling. Volleys from the Star’s ballista batteries and powerful invocations from the House Sorcerers claim a high toll from those foolish enough to challenge the might of the Dragon Lords.

The Cadre’s immediate subordinate, Disciple Josken Qull, commands the Battle Fleet’s Squadron of swift Shadow Class Cruisers from the helm of the unrelenting Celestial Class Heavy Cruiser Dawnlight. Qull and the Shadow Captains form the other arm of a deadly pincer with the Star – the hammer with which invading forces are crushed. Whilst Tullur and the Star speed down one flank of the enemy, splintering their hulls with unceasing broadsides, the Cruisers will sweep in from the other. Sustained ballista fire cripples the floundering foe, whilst their futile return fire glances from the Dawnlight’s reinforced hull. Even flame, the bane of most warships, is no weapon against the Celestial Cruiser’s alchemically treated hull.

Fully occupied by the lightning strikes of these fearsome vessels, the Fleet’s Moonbeam Class Destroyers often go unnoticed by the enemy until it is far too late – when their armoured rams slam into reeling hulls and a horde of brutal Kreel warriors descend upon the enemy’s hapless crew.

The Fleet’s most respected asset, and certainly its most feared, is the mighty Elder Dragon ‘Akrinna’. Only roused to battle when Tullur and his fleet face a particularly powerful and dangerous enemy, Akrinna can single-handedly turn the tide. Swooping down on petrified foes to lay waste with claw, tail and searing breath, this ancient creature is a legend from the Ossirian Sea to the Thousand Islands.

This Battle Fleet is a full force of just under 700 points – ready to arrive on the tabletop and teach the enemies of the Dragon Lords who rules the Uncharted Seas. This Fleet contains:

1 x Midnight Class Flagship
1 x Elder Dragon
1 x Celestial Class Heavy Cruiser
3 x Shadow Class Cruisers
4 x Moonbeam Class Destroyers

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