Become a stockist

Become a stockist

Tabletop miniature gamers around the world love Spartan Games products and are buying them in increasing quantities. The high quality of our innovative games, word of mouth recommendations and our marketing encourages customers across the world to play our games.

Business opportunity

Becoming a stockist of our games is an excellent business opportunity for any retailer. Our games are sold at retail prices, providing an excellent profit for the retailer.


The games

Based in the United Kingdom, we design and manufacture a range of games that include highly detailed and excellent quality models. Our games carry the Made In Britain marque which is synonymous with superior quality British products. Some games are set in original worlds, others are based in the Halo Universe. Microsoft Corporation has licensed Spartan Games to design and produce tabletop miniature games for their global entertainment phenomenon, “Halo”.

Our tabletop games are available as boxed sets, rulebooks and smaller upgrade packs.

Two Player Battle Boxes are the gateway to each of our games, and these are supported by a number of other boxes offering squadrons of highly-detailed models in great value sets. There are also a number of gaming aids available, including rulebooks, campaign books, tokens, and other items to help enhance gameplay.

Our sales channel

Our games are played in countries across the world and we supply through a network of wholesalers/distributors who then supply on to retailers. In some markets – especially where a wide network of wholesalers/distributors doesn’t yet exist – we supply direct to retailers. We also sell via our own online shop but that predominantly services customers in countries where there is no distribution network, or meets customers’ needs for parts.

Wholesalers and distributors have been selling Spartan Games products for several years, so rest assured they understand how to support gaming retailers. Our distributors hold stock, ship the games and provide on-going support to retailers.

Business Development Manager Gary Bent manages our sales channel. Gary can be contacted at and at +44 (0) 1749 860100.


Retailer Support

We understand that even games as good as ours, don’t initially sell themselves so we need to help to create an environment in which your customers can try our games. We therefore have Demo Kits and display material to help you promote our products. Contact to find out more.

Our Organised Play programme helps retailers to organise successful game nights and tournaments in their stores, with exclusive prize support. We also have Spartan Vanguards around the world – they are volunteers who will demonstrate our games in stores and at events.

Although we encourage our stocking retailers to maintain a purchasing relationship with their local distributor, we also take every opportunity to support the retailer and their customers so we can send you information about new products, game updates and Organised Play activities. It’s all a part of our commitment to supporting and looking after our stocking retailers. Email Marketing to join our Retailer mailing list.

Becoming a Spartan Games Stockist…….

…… is easy. Simply email, who will suggest one or more distributors that you might like to work with or tell you how you can buy from us direct if that is more appropriate.

We look forward to you joining the Spartan Games community!

Our latest order form, including products in the November 2015 release, is available to download.

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Who do I contact about selling Spartan Games products?

Contact Gary Bent who will be happy to answer any questions you have and guide you in the best way to resell our products.

How can I buy your products for resale to my customers?

We sell direct to retailers in most countries around the world and also sell through Distributors. Contact to discuss which option is work best for you. If helpful, you can buy from us when it works best for you, and from Distributors at other times. It’s up to you. If you are based in the United States however, you can only buy from Distributors and we’ll help you find the right one for you. This is because there is a wide network of Distributors in the US who serve the market well. They can offer you better delivery charges than we can and there are likely to be other benefits to be working with them. We are happy to stay in touch and keep you updated about our products, and we will help you find the right Distributor for you if you are based in the US.

How do I stay up-to-date with news about your products?

Subscribe to our Retailer Update email. This is sent regularly and tells you about product releases and retirements, materials you can use to promote our products to your customers and anything else that we think will help you be successful with our products. Email to make sure you are added to the mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time if no longer want to receive this.

How will you promote my store to people who want to buy your products?

By the end of 2015 we will have a Store Locator on our website that will enable customers to find stores that stock our products. If you don’t see your details, email and we’ll add you to the list. The list will cover traditional “bricks and mortar” stores and online retailers.

Can you promote events that I run in store?

Yes, absolutely. If you are holding an event, let us know and we can add it to our website.

Do you have materials to help me promote your products in store?

Yes, and the range is growing. We have posters and flyers that you can order direct. They appear on our order form and can be added, free of charge, to any order you place and they are available from our Distributors. We are also building Demo Kits at a very low cost to give you models and special demonstration rules to help you give your customers a taste of our games.

Do you have materials for Organised Play?

Yes, and we’re adding more all the time. We have a regular Community Newsletter that tells you and your customers about events and shares feedback from the wide community of players. We have a discussion forum on our website. We are building Tournament Packs that you can use to hold events on your premises. We also publish Battle Reports and other materials through our Blog to show how our games are being played. From time to time we host Online Interactive Campaigns – how about hosting one in your store? Email to find out more.

Are there people around who demonstrate your games?

Yes, you might have fans amongst your customers already but if you don’t, perhaps a Spartan Vanguard could help you. Especially if you’re holding an event. Find out about the programme here. If you are holding regular events and showing our games, you can apply to join the programme and receive the same benefits for your events.

Do you sell to customers at events and shows?

Not if our retailers are there – we think you should have the revenue! Events and shows are a fantastic opportunity for Spartan Games to showcase its products, meet customers in person, and drive business through retail partners. If there are retailers there that stock our products, we will support you with promotional materials and sometimes special offers. We won’t sell against you at an event – our team will show visitors our games and latest releases, and then send them to you to buy.

Tell me about your different product lines.

Halo: Fleet Battles Developed in close cooperation with 343 Industries, Halo: Fleet Battles is the ultimate way for fans of the Halo Universe to recreate exciting space battles between the forces found in the globally successful Halo franchise. The game delivers an easy to learn, lore-infused, tactically-rich gaming experience that appeal both to experiences wargamers and fans of the Halo Universe.

But don’t just take our word for it – Starburst Magazine rated the game 9/10, Polygon believes Halo: Fleet Battles delivers the action and won’t break the bank, and Wargames Illustrated recommends the game for all fans of science fiction wargaming and historical wargames looking for a change of scenery.

Firestorm Planetfall Planetfall an explosive, fast paced game that brings ground-pounding, armoured combat to the ever-expanding Firestorm Galaxy.

In this deadly, hard sci-fi setting, hordes of futuristic tanks, agile aircraft and hulking mech-walkers tear each other asunder with high-powered weaponry. Lasers burn across the tabletop, rail-gun slugs smash through armoured hulls and advanced cyber-warfare weapons hack through vital systems – the war zones of the distant future are no place for the faint hearted.

Firestorm Planetfall puts you in the role of a Grand Commander, orchestrating the manoeuvres of your chosen army. Each of your Battle Groups will contain several Helixes of stunningly-detailed 10mm scale miniatures, ranging from towering Leviathans to numerous bases of Infantry, all prepared to fight to the last breath under your command.

Firestorm Armada Firestorm Armada puts you in the Admiral’s chair, commanding fleets of 1/10,000th scale high quality Spartan Games miniatures. At your disposal are squadrons of starships ranging from small Frigates to gigantic Dreadnoughts. No matter what the fleet, these ships are ready to receive your orders today and charge into battle.

However, this is much more than just a tabletop game. It is an engaging and engrossing hobby that is also incredibly rewarding, with huge amounts to explore. From the fleets of miniatures you can collect and paint to the tactical challenges of the game itself, all wrapped up inside the rich background of an area of space we call Fathoms Reach.

Dystopian Wars Dystopian Wars is a fast and fun game that can be played in just a couple of hours using a selection of highly detailed 1/1200th scale models. The granular rules are perfect for small-scale sorties into enemy territory, border skirmishes involving thirty or so vessels a side, and huge, history-defining battles that have the potential to warp the very fabric of the known World.

At its heart is a fluid game engine that embraces air, sea and land and rolls them into a hugely exciting game that uses the Victorian world as its backdrop. The world’s leading empires are locked in a gruelling war, armies march to war and immense war machines prowl the skies, oceans and fields of the world looking for enemies to engage and destroy.

Dystopian Legions Dystopian Legions is an explosive platoon-level game by Spartan Games that uses highly detailed 32mm ‘heroic’ scale miniatures.

With engaging and exciting game play, a command and control system that allows you to get the best out of your forces and a narrative progression system that makes campaign play easy it is a tactical and tense tabletop wargame.

Set in the same war-torn past as Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions instead focuses on the men and women of this cataclysmic world war. Engagements involve special platoon level forces deployed to hot spots to seize objectives and fulfil vital roles ahead of a main advance. Dystopian Legions pits Sections of Line Infantry, Elite Jetpack Troops, secretive Shinobi Assassins, Treadbike Cavalry and thundering Ironclads, all urged on by Officers and Heroic Personalities, against one another in titanic and brutal struggles.

You make some of your rules available for free download from your website. What impact does that have on my sales?

In our experience, it increases sales through retailers. In the mobile age we now live in, even Wargaming hasn’t escaped change – the increasing use of electronic versions of rulebooks is something we see at almost every show and gaming club we go to. We also know that rulebooks are often reviewed by new players before they decide whether to invest in a game, and Spartan Games is consistently asked to make rulebooks available to download so new players can assess our games without cost. After we made the first set of rules available to download, we saw an immediate increase in sales of not only the models, but also the printed rulebooks.

Got a question not on this list? Let us know and we’ll add it as part of a future update.