Batten Down The Hatches

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Batten Down The Hatches

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In 1871, a hurricane is about to descend on the Caribbean, and its fury will reshape the region…

Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

Far to the south, the mighty 8th Division of the Blazing Sun Army of the Sword covertly masses in Chile and their neighbouring Kanawa province. At the other end of the world, a Prussian expeditionary force dares the Britannian blockades in the North Sea in order to consolidate its strength in Greenland.

Their destination is the Caribbean Sea, hitherto regarded as a quiet backwater by both the Britannians and the Federated States of America. Their purpose is to make their Imperial Bond a reality in blood and steel, and to open up a new front in the growing war.

But these are not the only contending powers. At the foot of the world, the Covenant of Antarctica, roused to action by the Blazing Sun build-up in the south, extends its hidden hand to influence the war from both sides. Their intervention will have a profound impact on the outcome for all the belligerent powers.

On the way, the Blazing Sun assault the Britannian outpost at the Falkland Islands, determined to secure their passage northwards. Meanwhile, the Prussians bring terror to the long-peaceful eastern seaboard of the FSA mainland, delivering shock bombardments to sleepy Florida towns.

Blazing Sun Shinobi agents, orchestrated by 8th Division’s commanders, stir up rebellious forces on the islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico, triggering unrest to divert American eyes inwards. The garrisons on the island soon find themselves embroiled with local resistance.

Not only that, but FSA forces in the south of Cuba find themselves assailed by mysterious attackers, descending upon their defences in the hours of darkness and shattering vital fortifications, before vanishing without a trace.

Meanwhile, the Blazing Sun Sword Army 8th Division relentlessly advances northwards, despite frequent attacks by Covenant forces on their rearguard. Their Prussian allies strike south, overrunning the tiny island of Bermuda as a staging post for their own assault.

The Imperial Bond forces will come together as they begin a shattering assault on their pre-arranged targets in the Caribbean. Their enemies must brace themselves as the hurricane descends upon them. The Britannians are almost wholly under-strength in the region, with their main forces committed elsewhere in the world.

The Americans, though more numerous, struggle to mobilise their forces still not on a full war footing in this formerly quiet area. To make matters worse, their senior commanders are stricken with rivalry and discord.

With the odds stacked against them, can the two defending powers stand firm, put aside their differences and marshal their forces effectively enough to halt the onslaught of their strongly united enemies? Or will the Blazing Sun succeed in staving off the Covenant threat in the south and establish a foothold in the Caribbean with Prussian aid?

Hurricane Season details the story of this audacious campaign, outlining the forces employed by all sides, their overall commanders, their battle plans and the objectives they hoped to achieve.

The campaign account details the full story of the opposing forces and their actions; from the opening engagements at opposite ends of the world, to their climactic clashes in the heart of the Caribbean, as the powers lock horns over Cuba, Puerto Rico and control of the Caribbean Sea itself.

The lines of battle have been drawn, as the scourge of war sweeps into the region, engulfing everything in its path. Hurricane season starts early this year. Whose side will you be on?