August 2013 Release

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August 2013 Release

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This month we have another selection of fantastic new models across our gaming systems:

• Dystopian Legions sees the Kingdom of Britannia and Prussian Empire get a new Sergeant and Weapon Specialist for the recently launched Black Watch and Landwehr infantry.

• Operation Sirocco is the newest member of our Dystopian Wars Campaign book series, and along with delivering an exciting and in-depth campaign setting in and around North Africa, this book also sees the first printed version of our brigade-level Armoured Clash ground warfare rules.

• The sleek and deadly Ryushi alliance race makes an appearance in Firestorm Armada, bringing their unique form of space warfare that centres around powerful Carriers.

• Four of our original core Dystopian Wars nations get an upgrade box with three brand new model classes inside.

• We also continue our creation of themed boxed sets for Dystopian Wars, this time focusing on the war machine that is the Russian Coalition.

These models will be shipping from 21st August 2013. From today, you can place your advance orders in the Spartan Games Online Store to ensure you do not miss out on these exciting new releases.


With the arrival of our new infantry types last month for Dystopian Legions (the Britannian Black Watch and Prussian Landwehr) our attention moved to giving them a leader figure and a specialist weapon. Watch any good action movie and there is always a battle hardened Sarge looking after his men, sometimes despite the best effort on the part of an officer to get them all killed! So for the Kingdom of Britannia Black Watch and Prussian Empire Landwehr we’ve created two born-to-lead figures stacked full of character.

Going into combat with plenty of firepower is always a good thing. After all, never go to a gunfight armed with nothing more than harsh words. Our Black Watch Specialist carries a rather nasty seven barrel Nock Gun that is just made to ruin your opponent’s day, whereas the Landwehr Specialist is armed with a Tankgewhr Model 1868 anti-Ironclad rifle that can punch through the thickest armour plates. Two very different types of weapon, but each utterly deadly in its own right.

Next month will see a Sergeant and Specialist arrive for the Federated States of America and Empire of the Blazing Sun. Check out our Facebook pages for some sneak peeks.

Sergeants & Specialists – Prussian Empire (Left) and Kingdom of Britannia (Right)

The following Dystopian Legions products are now available to pre-order from the Spartan Games Online Store. Click the links to learn more:

Kingdom of Britannia Black Watch Sergeant and Specialist
Prussian Empire Landwehr Sergeant and Specialist


Our attention with Dystopian Wars turned to upgrade boxes for our original core nations, with new products coming for the Kingdom of Britannia, Prussian Empire, Empire of the Blazing Sun and Federated States of America. The goal was to give each a unique feel, with models that work in concert to lend each of the boxes a different gaming style. For example, the KoB box has a strong naval theme, and dives (literally) below the waves with two new Submarines. The FSA box, on the other hand, delivers on the concept of air superiority for this nation, as a massive HQ Airship is joined by a Seaplane and a new Strike Bomber. Check out our web site for more information on these superb new additions to your Dystopian Wars fleets.

The Russian Coalition is one of the more brutal nations in Dystopian Wars, capable of hammering its foes into submission, be it on land, sea or air. As we created its themed boxes we wanted to embrace its military philosophy of hard hitting. To this end we have created boxed sets such as the Naval Battle Flotilla, Armoured Hunter Group, Subterranean Group and Aerial Battle Group. Check out these exciting ways to expand your existing force, or start a new force with which to brutalise the gaming table.

Kingdom of Britannia Vengeance Class Submarine (Above Left) and the Prussian Empire Sturmbringer Class Submarine (Above Right)

Federated States of America New Orleans Class HQ Large Airship (Above Left) and Empire of the Blazing Sun Raijin Class HQ War Gyro (Above Right)

The following Dystopian Wars products are now available to pre-order from the Spartan Games Online Store. Click the links to learn more:

Kingdom of Britannia Wolf Pack Flotilla
Prussian Empire Wolf Pack Flotilla
Federated States Aerial Support Group
Empire of the Blazing Sun Strike Flotilla

Russian Coalition Support Flotilla

Russian Coalition Battle Flotilla
Russian Coalition Armoured Hunter Group
Russian Coalition Support Flotilla
Russian Coalition Subterranean Group
Russian Coalition Aerial Battle Group
Russian Coalition Ground Fortifications


Early 1872: the World War roars into North and East Africa. The Republique of France prepares to launch its forces across the Mediterranean to capture, and secure, the resource-rich territories of Western New Carthage with the help of its Prussian and Italian allies. But this will not be an easy task; the Kingdom of Britannia has reinforced its garrisons in the region, drawing in divisions from the far corners of the Empire. With the Ottoman Empire having pledged to join the Imperial Bond, the Britannians have sent an expeditionary force northwards into the Red Sea and the Ottoman East African territories.

Our latest Dystopian Wars book details this exciting campaign and delivers nine exciting scenarios that play out key moments of the narrative. This book also sees the first physical print of the exciting Armoured Clash ground combat rules, designed to make battles between vast Brigades of Tanks and Land Ships faster and deadlier. This 192 page book is packed from cover to cover with detailed information about the campaign, maps, scenarios and let’s not forget an entire set of tabletop rules.

Dystopian Wars Campaign Book: Operation Sirocco

The Dystopian Wars Campaign Book: Operation Sirocco is now available to pre-order from the Spartan Games Online Store. Click the links to learn more:

Campaign Book: Operation Sirocco


Ryushi military doctrine focuses on large, durable craft; combining unequalled defensive technology with powerful weapons systems. Huge versatility is offered by their heavily armed Onnisha Carriers, whose Flights can swiftly be tailored to offensive or defensive situations and kept operating at full capacity by highly trained deck crews. Torpedoes and enemy craft are swatted aside by matchless point defence systems, whilst the Carrier’s heavy-grade primary weapons and guided torpedoes tackle the toughest of long range targets. The Ryushi are one of the more prominent members of the Kurak Alliance. Don’t forget to check out the mammoth Shautrai Class Battle Carrier.

Ryushi Shautrai Class Battle Carrier plus Hokita Class Cruisers (included)

Ryushi Alliance Fleet

The following Firestorm Armada products are now available to pre-order from the Spartan Games Online Store. Click the links to learn more:

Ryushi Alliance Fleet
Ryushi Battle Carrier