Armoured Clash Q&A

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Armoured Clash Q&A

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Spartan Games held a LIVE 1 hour Armoured Clash Q&A session on Facebook. This was a great opportunity for early adopters of our latest rule set to find out more about the direction of the game. If you haven’t done so already be sure to give our Facebook Page a ‘Like’ so that you can take part in future Q&A sessions. For now, here’s an exert from the inaugural edition.

Kingdom of Britannia vs. Empire of the Blazing Sun

Kingdom of Britannia vs. Empire of the Blazing Sun

Q: Is Armoured Clash the test bed for Dystopian Wars v.2?

A: No, Armoured Clash is a supplementary rule set.

Q: Will there be a solid copy of the rules and army lists?

A: There will be a printed version of the rules released at a later date.

Q: Will the Game Cards be released as packs to purchase?

A: Printed Game Cards may be released at a later date, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Q: Will the Invaders eventually be making an appearance in Armoured Clash?

A: The Invaders will be making an appearance at a later date.

Q: Will the new armoured models have stat cards for Dystopian Wars?

A: The new armoured models available for pre-order will ship with printed Dystopian Wars stat cards.

Q: Can we expect brigade-level army boxes any time soon?

A: Armoured Clash themed bundles will be coming. Watch this space!

Q: Are the Dystopian Wars Armoured Battle Groups the most effective way to get into Armoured Clash?

A: Armoured Clash themed bundles will be coming in the very near future, however all of the models in the Dystopian Wars Armoured Battle Groups are of course compatible with Armoured Clash.

Q: With the release of Armoured Clash, land battles have been getting a lot of attention. Will Dystopian Wars be getting more naval and aerial models soon (e.g. League of Italian States)?

A: Yes, we will be continuing to release new aerial and naval models for Dystopian Wars.

Q: Was Armoured Clash inspired by Firestorm Invasion: Planetfall?

A: The ‘core engine’ has been developed from the Firestorm Invasion: Planetfall rule set into an all-new game for Dystopian massed armoured battles.

Q: Do you already have plans to bring naval units into Armoured Clash?

A: Yes, with a view to adding them to various coastal scenarios.

Q: Will things like the new generator variant for the Covenant of Antarctica Callimachus Class Time Dilation Orb be available via the Spartan Games Parts Service?

A: A selection of the new armoured model components will be added to the Spartan Games Parts Service.

Q: Do you plan to expand Armoured Clash with printed extensions like you have for Dystopian Wars (e.g. Hurricane Season, Storm of Steel) or will the game stay digital?

A: Armoured Clash will continue to be supported digitally, though we cannot comment on future releases at this time.

Q: What distinguishes Armoured Clash from Dystopian Wars land battles?

A: Armoured Clash is designed for massed armoured combat games, with lots of tanks on the table. Dystopian Wars, on the other hand, provides a more in-depth land game perfect for smaller engagements.

Q: Will there be new formations released, and how will they be released?

A: The game has only just been released so no new formations yet, but the game will continue to be developed.

Q: Will there be an alternative pack for the Infantry to what is currently available?

A: Our upcoming Armoured Clash bundles should deal with this potential issue.

Q: Are there any plans to add the Special Characters from Storm of Steel to Armoured Clash formations?

A: There is the potential to introduce Special Characters at a later date, but there are no immediate plans to implement them.

Q: When can we expect further Armoured Clash releases?

A: All Dystopian Wars armoured models are compatible with Armoured Clash. Armoured models will continue to be released for these systems.

Q: How does the Activation Card mechanic differ in Armoured Clash?

A: In Armoured Clash, the Activation Card mechanic is applied to Regiments rather than individual Battalions/Squadrons. As such, a relatively small number are needed (3-6).

Q: Which nation is Spartan Games favourite?

A: Everyone has their favourite nations, but because the question was asked after the hour was up we don’t have to answer it!!! And on that note, it’s time for us to say goodbye. Thank you for all your questions and we look forward to doing more Q&A sessions in the future.