April 2014 Release

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April 2014 Release

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New Release: Dreadnoughts lead the charge!

The most renowned and influential Admirals in the Firestorm Armada Galaxy take to battle aboard an imposing Dreadnought. Soon to be available, alongside boxed sets of Battle Carriers, Gunships and specialist R&D Cruisers, your Fleet can expand to system-conquering levels and triumph over any foe with these ships at its core.

Now is also your chance to pick up both the Alliance of Kurak and Zenian League Fleet Guides!

This release will be shipping from 23rd April 2014. Place your pre-orders today with the Spartan Games Online Store to ensure you do not miss out on these exciting new releases.

Pick up your Fleet Guide

In a Galaxy divided by conflict, it is time to choose your side!

144-Page Full Colour Hardback Fleet Guides

Each book contains all the statistics, profiles and fleet building information you need to field a Fleet from either the Kurak Alliance or Zenian League (depending on which Fleet Guide you get). Also included is a wealth of background information relating the triumphs and troubles of these races, and their place within the Firestorm Galaxy.

Pick up your Fleet Guides by placing your pre-orders today:

Kurak Alliance Fleet Guide
Zenian League Fleet Guide

Dreadnought Groups

Dreadnoughts are the deadliest combat ships available in Firestorm Armada and the centrepiece of the mightiest fleets. Incredibly well armed and protected, they take to battle wherever the fighting is thickest, able to take on many enemy ships at a time and still emerge victorious.

The Retribution is a pure engine of war. This double-hulled vessel mounts two hyper velocity rail guns, granting it the potential to smash an enemy squadron to debris in seconds, hammer through the defences of the largest foe, or rain tremendous ruin on a planet’s surface.

The powerful shield emitters of the Titan can absorb a tremendous volume of fire and leave the ship unscathed, and, crewed by the pride of the Terran Navy, these mighty vessels can fight on and triumph in the face of the strongest opposition.

Boasting laser systems more powerful than any other vessel in the Fleet and shielded in armour of astonishing resilience, the Kraken forms the deadly and unbreakable core of the most potent Aquan fleets.

An unstoppable juggernaut, the Broadsword crashes through the enemy battle line, armour turning aside the heaviest attacks without pause and its multi-tiered broadsides unleashing brutal volleys.

With boarding assaults by elite, genetically and cybernetically enhanced marines to supplement its awe-inspiring armament, the Persecution is the perfect tool to bring opponents of the Directorate to heel.

The Apex closes with the enemy at an ominous pace, cloaked in a shifting field of light and a plethora of sensor foiling technologies. Then, once in position, it releases a hellish torrent of short range craft, assault pods and crushing weapons fire primed with voracious nanites, reducing the enemy to drifting wreckage in moments.

If you want to bring more death and destruction to your enemies place your pre-order today from the Online Store:

Dindrenzi Federation Dreadnought Group
Terran Alliance Dreadnought Group
Aquan Prime Dreadnought Group
Sorylian Collective Dreadnought Group
The Directorate Dreadnought Group
The Relthoza Dreadnought Group

Gunships, Battle Carriers and Cruisers

Also included in this release are ships that really set each of the six major races apart. Emphasising the unique characteristics of each force, each Squadron offers an interesting tactical advantage for you to exploit, and new ways to defeat your enemies.

Breaking away from the design mould used by the majority of Dindrenzi vessels, the Spatha lessens the power of its spinal rail gun to make space for fearsome broadside arrays.

A vital element in any Terran Fleet, the Aegis strengthens the already formidable energy shields of the vessels around it.

Larger, more heavily armed and better protected than most other Carriers, the Dagon can carve a path straight through the enemy Fleet.

Moving forward in support of the Sorylian Fleet, Warwolves hammer the enemy with heavy thermal warheads and high yield torpedoes.

Commanders can use the versatile power of the Tormentors to achieve a variety of shadowy goals, often more insidious than simple destruction.

Housing Fold Space Drives far in advance of those used by most other races in the sector, Araneae Cruisers can perform mid-battle ‘shunts’. This enables them to spring unpredictable ambushes that catch the enemy completely unaware.

These dangerous fighting craft will soon be ready to deploy, so pre-order these new sets from our Online Store today. Be sure to click the links to learn more:

Dindrenzi Federation Gunship Group
Terran Alliance Shield Cruiser Group
Aquan Prime Battle Carrier Group
Sorylian Collective Gunship Group
The Directorate R&D Cruiser Group
The Relthoza Shunt Cruiser Group

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