Adepticon 2017

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Adepticon 2017

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Greetings Admirals, Commodores, Generals and Supreme Commanders. As you may have read on various social media sites and on the Community Forum, Spartan Games will be supporting the Spartan events at Adepticon 2017 which is taking place in Schaumburg Illinois in the United States.

Spartan Linde is heading up the crew of Vanguards running the six events on the schedule this year. These include Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Planetfall, Halo: Fleet Battles and Halo: Ground Command tournaments account for four of the events. The Flashpoint Amber FSA Narrative and The 3rd Schaumburg Prime Offensive North American Firestorm Armada Championships make up the other two events.

For those of you not familiar with Adepticon, it is one of the leading war gaming conventions in North America. With close to 400 clinics, classes, tournaments and casual events there is something for everybody! Classes and Clinics are taught by industry leaders and personalities. Painting techniques, modelling theory, game design and tactics and company release preview seminars give players a myriad of things to occupy themselves with over the 5 days of the convention.

Adepticon started out as a single large tournament in 2003. Based in the Chicago area it has grown by leaps and bounds over the years and is now held in the Renaissance Schaumburg Marriott Hotel and Convention Center. This location is double the size of the last one and continues to fill quickly. Let’s look at the Spartan Events on the schedule and at the end of this blog Spartan Linde has kindly shared some tips for players coming to Adepticon for their first time.

Thursday March 23rd
On Thursday March 23rd The Schaumburg Clash Dystopian Wars GT takes place in the morning. This is a 3 round 1,250 point event using custom missions. Players are allowed to take allies, but only one faction. Players will build lists using a Navel core. Rounds are 150 minutes long. The tables will be populated with Spartan scenery and terrain. In fact, some of it is going home with the winners of the event. Vanguard Chris LaCross will be the main Judge for this event and has put together some very nice missions.

Friday March 22nd
On Friday morning The Schaumburg Beach Head Firestorm Planetfall GT takes place in the morning. This is a 3 round 5,000 point single core helix tournament. It will be using custom missions built by members of the Planetfall Focus Group. Players are allowed 2 lists. We will see some fantastic terrain from the Spartan vault on these tables as well as some Terrain courtesy of event Sponsor Gamemat.EU, who supplied two tables worth of terrain For Halo: Ground Command and Firestorm Planetfall.

On Friday night, we begin to set the scene as we lead into the North American Firestorm Armada Championships. The Flashpoint Amber FSA Narrative Event will see players will bring an 800 point patrol fleet and play in a narrative mega battle. Massive Kurak and Zenian space fleets clash and will pay a huge price in manpower and ships to achieve victory. Some surprises will be in store for our players as they help weave and advance the story in the Firestorm Galaxy.

Saturday March 23rd
On Saturday morning we have The 3rd Schaumburg Prime Offensive North American Firestorm Armada Championship. This tournament uses a 2-day format. All participants playing on day one and the top 8 playing on day 2.  32 players will be allowed 2 900 point lists and compete over 3 rounds on day one. Custom missions built by Spartan Linde, George Gasser and Neil Granning, the head judges of the event, will be used. Prizes for Best Painted Fleet and Best Sport will be awarded on this day.

The Top 8 players from Day 1 will compete over 3 rounds with 2 800 point lists. Missions from the rule book will be used. Day 2 is a test of Admiralship. By using missions that most players have played dozens of times, it will come down to skill as an Admiral to achieve victory.

Sunday March 24th
On Sunday we have day 2 of The North American Championship and the North American Champion will be crowned. Will the reigning champion retain his crown? Will there be an upset? Come check it out and be part of the excitement!

On Sunday morning, we also have the Battle for Reach, Halo: Ground Command GT. This is a 3 round 1,500 point tournament. Generic Commanders are the only ones allowed. Players will play 3 custom missions. The Tables will be populated with fantastic terrain by Spartan Games and Gamemat.EU. The Tournament will be Judged by Doug Ummel and Vincent Gregory.

Tips for a fun Adepticon!
Those are the events for this year. Something for everybody who is a Spartan Games fan. As a note Adepticon requires that players paint their armies to a 3 colour standard. All the Spartan Games events also require this. All of the tournaments have a Best Painted Army award. Here are some tips for a fun experience for those going for the first time.

1.   If you are able to, coming to the convention on the Wednesday is best. It allows you to settle in, collect your badge and explore the site. It also allows you to get a feel for the convention and meet some fellow gamers.
2.   Have a convenient way to transport your miniatures to the convention and have a tray of some sort or display board to carry the fleet or army to the tables once its unpacked. Display boards give you an extra edge in paint judging and makes it easier to move your fleet table to table. Some people even use small utility carts to store all their supplies.
3.   Stay hydrated! It is a great idea to have a water bottle and some energy bars on you while playing in a tournament. You may not be able to get out for food quickly between rounds.
4.   Arrive at least 20 minutes early. This allows you to turn in your army lists and get unpacked. It also is a big help to the Tournament Organisers. It allows them to get people registered and get round pairings done in a timely manner. This means events start on time and end on time.
5.   Above all have fun and make it a point to introduce yourself to fellow gamers. You might make a new friend and have some great adventures and great pick up games after your events are done for the day.

For information about Adepticon, how to register and for Hotel information go to

logoPrimer missions, mission packs and up to date event info can be found at The WayGate war games blog which is run by the event organisers –

See you all in March for some awesome gaming!